3 Signs to Tell your SEO is Outdated and What to Do About It

SEO Marketing may be effective for increasing your search ranking on the different search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other sites. But, if you are not careful, your SEO Marketing will become outdated as quickly as leaving your eggs to rot under the sun.

As a business owner, your need to enhance your organic search visibility for your brand, local business or eCommerce website is crucial for increasing traffic to your website in the hopes that you will achieve greater sales conversions.  Search Engine Optimization

Without it, you will be leaving the door open
for your competitors to take the lead in the
competition and make it more challenging for
you to accomplish your digital marketing goals in 2017.

It is essential that you are aware of the following
signs to determine if your SEO Marketing needs updating.

High Keyword Density

It may have been easy for you to enhance your search engine ranking results by stuffing keywords as much as possible into your content in the past, but it certainly isn’t the case now.

High keyword density overloads your content with an unnecessary and irrelevant usage of keywords to the point that Google and other search engines will lower your organic search engine rankings.

Google has introduced algorithms that can detect a number of keywords used in a blog, website, or video and use it as criteria for organic ranking results.

Businesses must be balanced in their keyword usage approach. Depending on the number of keywords, a keyword should not be used more than 3 – 5 times.

General Keywords

Your keyword density may not be in excess, but you are still surprised to see that your content does not appear high in search results. One explanation for this could be that your content lacks the use of specific keywords to promote your particular products or services.

Google’s algorithms rank content based on how closely the keyword match the product or service you intend to promote. The greater the relevancy, the higher will be your search results and vice versa.

A good technique, in this case, is to use a combination of general and specific keywords. If you are promoting dog food for puppies, don’t use a general keyword, such as ‘dog food’. Rather, use it alongside a more specific keyword, such as ‘dog food for puppies’.

Poor Browsing Experience

A more hidden indication that your SEO is outdated is if customers suffer from a poor browsing experience. The impact of your SEO extends to the effectiveness of your visitors’ browsing experience from both mobile, tablet and desktop computers.

No matter how effectively you tie keywords into your content, your SEO Marketing will take a hit if your website takes too much time to load, has too many dead links, or is not appealing enough to give a captivating customer experience.

Take time to consider elements that will be useful for enhancing the experience of your visitors. Make sure your website and/or landing page is optimized for SEO purposes, along with a strong call-to-action, and a mix of engaging images and graphics.


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