Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization or SEO is a marketing approach where specific groups of actions are put in place to make webpages more search-engine friendly. Aligning to Google's and other search engine algorithms allow your pages to rank higher in search results.

Do You Need SEO In Your Website?

You’ve probably asked this question before. This vital digital marketing tool is one of the core components of a full digital marketing strategy for virtually every business. Here's why...

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to increase traffic and get more clients for your business. Here’s why SEO is important for your online success:

  • SEO Leads Convert Better
  • Good SEO Optimization Means Better User Experience
  • Ranking in Local Search Gets Better Leads
  • SEO Makes Your Business More Credible
  • Better Conversions–  SEO leads result in a close rate of 14.6 percent, compared to just 1.7 percent for outbound leads
  • Better user experience – Your visitors want to experience a mobile-friendly design, good photo and video integration and excellent written content.
  • Local Search Gets Better Leads – Local leads are the best: more than 50 percent of consumers who did a local search visited a store on the same day. Also, 20 percent of local mobile searches led to a sale within a day.
  • More Credibility – The importance of SEO extends far beyond getting organic traffic. Ranking higher in the SERPs signals that you are a leader in your industry. It shows your business is trustworthy, professional and an authority in its area.

What is SEO Marketing?

SEO Marketing is the process in which marketers optimize their content and webpages facilitating the job of search engines of gathering web information and presenting it to a relevant audience.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is a marketing approach that works to appeal to Google and other search engine algorithms. 

To do this, marketers take specific steps to make pages and content more search-engine friendly. This action invites these platforms to gather more information on your content and present it to a relevant audience. 

The reason behind these efforts is to land those coveted top positions on the results page. 

We know that 71% of clicks are captured by the first page of results. Because of this, having your website appear on the second or even third page nearly guarantees that you won’t be found by your desired audience. 

SEO efforts work to bring your ranking up and generate more valuable organic traffic for your website. This, in turn, results in more traffic, higher conversions, and increased sales.

How Does It Work?

Before grasping how SEO marketing works to grow your business, you must first understand how search engines operate. Since Google is the number one search engine platform, let’s zone in on their specific process.

For Google to feature your content on their results page, you must first pass through a three-step procedure. These steps are crawling, indexing, and ranking. 


Google has millions of microbots called spiders or crawlers who find content and gather information. When new content is published, these spiders crawl the URLs and use links to jump from one page to the next. 

Once the spiders have crawled a page, the information they gathered is stored in the index. 


Think of indexing like the giant filing cabinet for Google’s resources. Each category has a drawer and the files within that drawer are broken down into more specific keywords or phrases. 

From here, when a search query takes place, Google will look to that category drawer and pull files that are relevant to what the user is asking

Your content is sorted into these files based on highlighted information that the crawlers picked up on. This information is in elements like keywords, anchor text for links, and meta descriptions. 


This is where the order of results is determined. Within each file for the query in question, the relevant resources are sorted and ranked according to their relevance.

Google’s main objective is to provide users with the best possible answer for their search. to do this the platform uses artificial intelligence to uncover what it feels is the best resource. 

This is where the Google algorithm comes in. It will then filter pages and choose which ones are reputable based on pre-determined criteria. 

How Does SEO Marketing Help?

Businesses are relying on Google to pick up the correct information from their site and categorize it appropriately. Fortunately, measures can be taken so that this process isn’t left to chance.

On a basic level, you can ensure your on-page SEO is complete with ample links and keywords. Since crawlers rely on these links to navigate, it’s important you can lead them through your content and touch on every page. 

As a bonus, linking is also helpful in leading your consumers through your content and directing them through your sales funnel. 

The use of keywords also helps these spiders determine what your content is about so it can store the information accordingly. However, you’ll want to be cautious with keyword usage as overstuffing your content can result in penalties.

When it comes to ranking, several factors contribute to your overall score. From backlinking to site performance, there is a range of content techniques and background work that can boost your position. 

Because of the intricacy behind the Google algorithm, investing in your strategy with an SEO marketing company or consulting services can prove long term ROI for your business.

What Is SEO Consulting?

An SEO marketing company can assist you in your strategy by providing advice and guiding you with specific actions to take on your site. Consulting services don’t take over the work of optimizing your site. They do identify where your content needs help and explain how to go about making changes.

We are the specialists in this field and understand the complexities behind the approach and can help to diagnose issues. This will prevent penalties and rank-hurting factors and get you on the path to being SEO-friendly.

With professional help you won’t be left asking “What is SEO blogging?” or “What is on-page SEO?”. 

They’ll be able to walk you through these SEO marketing techniques to unveil perfectly optimized blog posts, mastered page by page content, and favorable aspects to help your site rank in those prized positions. 

Master SEO Marketing for Your Business

Now that you know the answer to that burning question “What is SEO marketing?” you can start integrating this approach within your business. With your new knowledge on how you can appeal to Google’s ranking system, you can use key tips and tricks to increase organic traffic.

From keywords to loading speed, your website will be in tip-top shape for both Google and your consumers. 

Ready to step up your marketing game and discover the long-term benefits of an SEO marketing approach? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you maximize your digital marketing potential.

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How Do I Improve my SEO?

Improving your SEO can help you generate more leads, have more relevant content, and zero-in on your target market. Most importantly, it can help you gain a "leg up" on the competition.

Are you looking for ways to make your website design more attractive to Google? Do you want your digital marketing strategy to hover around the idea of gaining passive leads from search engines? If so, then you need to learn how to improve SEO.

Doing so can help you in many ways. It will help you generate more leads, have more relevant content, and zero-in on your target market. Most importantly, it can help you gain a leg up on the competition.

Continue reading for an in-depth guide on how to improve SEO and help your company or organization climb the top search results page.

Implement Keyword Research

Notice the difference, there. The header didn’t just say “implement keyword usage“, it says “implement keyword research“. Sadly, there are a majority of companies out there that don’t take the time to do this.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a keyword is a word (or phrase) that’s being typed into the Google search bar. As soon as you type in that keyword, Google will search for user-friendly sites that have those keywords in them to solve your problem.

So, for example, if you were to google “social media marketing”, then Google would give you a vast display of links to sites that use the term “social media marketing” in their content.

Now, you might think that we’re simply after the keywords with the highest search volume, but it isn’t that easy. Sites that have ranked for those top searches are well-established on the top results page and (unfortunately) won’t be leaving it any time soon.

Instead, you want to look for a mixture of search volume and keyword density. The keyword density will indicate words that aren’t currently being used much and will be easy to rank for. 

If keyword research seems overwhelming to you, then be sure to reach out to a trusted digital marketing agency. They’ll help you make sense of it all!

Make It Mobile-Friendly

Have you ever used Google on your smartphone and come across a site that didn’t adjust its layout to fit your screen. If so, then you probably found it aggravating to zoom in and out several times, try to read the content, and push the tiny buttons to change pages.

If you stayed on that site for longer than 5 seconds, then you showed more restraint than a majority of people would. In fact, studies show that the average site user gives a new website no longer than 5 seconds before hitting the “back” button.

Check your website right now by using your phone. Does the site change its layout to fit your screen or not? If it does, congratulations! You have a mobile-friendly site. If not, then you need to hire a website design agency to fix it right away.

More people are visiting the internet using their smartphone than any other device, including desktops. Odds are that if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’ve lost out on a majority of your site visitors over the years.

Build Your Links

Link-building plays a significant role in how Google views your brand. If you have a well-established array of links coming back to your content, it bodes well for your site and makes it more appealing in the eyes of Google’s algorithm.

Think of it this way: Say you were walking down the sidewalk on a hot summer day and saw two ice cream trucks parked side by side. One of them has a crowd of people waiting to order there and one of them has zero customers.

Which one are you most likely to choose? The crowded one, right? Why? Because it’s clearly the superior ice cream truck. Something about their service/product makes their product that much better than the one with no customers.

That’s the power of link-building. Take the time (doesn’t have to be done overnight) to build both internal and external links. Look for opportunities to guest post on other sites, create links with your social media, and so on.

Establish Your URLs

Believe it or not, even your website’s URLs play a role in your search engine optimization efforts. It’s yet another place where you can input your primary keyword to drive more traffic.

Be sure to think through the keywords you want to use. It also makes your website appear more organized and reliable to the consumer.

When they copy and paste the link, their friends can get a clear indication of what awaits them on the other side of that link.

Start a Company Blog

If search engines are the “gold mine”, then company blogs are the “shovel”. They’re amazing tools for helping you reach out to your target market. 

It’s a primary place that you can use for inputting specialized keywords, building internal links, building external links, and all the other tips listed above. While SEO always takes time to build, a blog can help quicken that process.

Think of ways that you can improve SEO with a blog. Who is your target market? What pain points do they have that you can solve for them?

How to Improve SEO: Install Some New Tricks

Now that you have seen several tips and tricks for how to improve SEO for your company’s website, be sure to use it to your advantage.

Be sure to read this article to learn more about the 9 principles that every well-designed website follows. There you’ll begin to understand the methods of a fully optimized website.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.

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Good SEO is a little bit like brain surgery. Leave that to the Digital Practitioners.

We can help!

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a specialized type of search engine optimization. It helps you focus on getting target customers that are local, rather than trying to predominantly attract anyone in the world that fits your criteria.


Maybe you’re a new business that’s looking for ways to integrate your company into its community. Perhaps you want to capitalize on the target customers that you have in your own town. Either way, you need to learn about what is local SEO and how it can help.

Doing so will give you a significant advantage over your competitors. You’ll understand the finer workings of local SEO and how to reign in suitable clients for your needs. It just takes a bit of work.

See below for an in-depth guide on what local SEO is, how it can help your business, tips for building it, and so on.

What Is Different About Local SEO?

As the name would imply, local SEO is a specialized type of search engine optimization. It helps you focus on getting target customers that are local, rather than trying to predominantly attract anyone in the world that fits your criteria.

For example, say you’re an HVAC repair company in Paris, Illinois (yes, that’s a real town). Rather than using traditional SEO to try and appeal to anyone in the nation that has HVAC pain points, you’d want to focus on getting your brand in front of residents with HVAC issues.

This is a much more refined approach than traditional SEO. Rather than trying to reel in as many people as you can with keywords, you’ll be more focused on getting your name out there when they need help.

Using the same HVAC company example, for local SEO people might search “HVAC company near me”, at which time your companies contact info would appear.

It’s a tremendous way to help your company stick out against the crowd. The more relevant you are on an initial search, the more leads you’ll generate, sales you’ll convert, and the more customer loyalty that you will establish.

The Benefits of Local SEO

So now that you know what local SEO is, why is it so important to your company’s digital marketing plan? Why should you spend time and effort building it? 

The benefits of local SEO, as you might expect, are more specialized. See below for a few of the major benefits you’ll receive.

Staying In Front of Your Local Competitors

What good is a search engine optimized website if it doesn’t push you out in front of your local competitors? You’d essentially be reaching for the stars while your competing companies lock hands with all the potential clients around you.

For example, type in “(your service) near me” into Google right now. Does your business pop up in the top three results? If not, then you’re missing out on a lot of local customers.

Rather than use traditional SEO to try and take down your industry’s Goliaths (a plan that rarely works), spark some friendly competition with your local rivals. 

More Transparency

A big part of local SEO is your Google My Business account. This is when someone does a search and the businesses pop up at the top with all the information that you’d need.

Without even clicking on the company, you can see the average star ratings that it receives, the type of business it is, and a few of the major highlights such as “dine-in available” and “in-store pickup”. 

This helps your customers to better understand your service from the get-go. So, for example, if you were a fast-food restaurant and they were looking for a place to grab food quickly, they’d be even more intrigued to visit your location.

Free Exposure

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, as helpful as search engine optimization is for your company’s digital marketing plan, its base structure doesn’t cost you a dime.

Google My Business is completely free. It’s super easy to use and allows you to gain more access to local clientele. 

Now, you can budget for ways to refine your local SEO. For example, hiring a digital marketing agency can help you strengthen your online presence and attract your ideal clientele both in your town and beyond.

How Can You Build Your Local SEO?

You understand what local SEO is—check! You have seen some of the biggest benefits of having your company focus time and effort on local SEO—check! Now, you just need to learn how to build it. See below for a few pointers on how to get started:

  1. Start Using Google My Business- Whether you ever acknowledge it or not, your company’s location is listed on Google, awaiting your click. Taking the time to simply fill in your hours of operation, location, and contact info can benefit your company greatly.
  2. Monitor Online Reviews- You can’t always control the responses that people leave about your business. However, you can control the way your company reacts to them. If they leave a positive review, thank them. If they leave a negative one, apologize and try to make amends.
  3. Hire a Digital Marketing Agency- Digital advertising will play a significant role in your local SEO. Start by outsourcing these needs to a digital marketing agency to find the most successful avenues.

Embrace the Local Community With Your SEO Tactics

Now that you’ve seen an elaborate answer to your question of “what is local SEO”, it’s time to put these recommendations into action!

Be sure to read this article to learn more about the 9 common SEO mistakes that content writers tend to make. Make sure these aren’t happening when you hire one for your brand.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.

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How Do SEO Agencies Work?

An SEM marketing agency will help you attract more visitors to your website. They will help you find the right keywords that your market is using. They will also create ads that reach your audience.

Are you a business owner? Perhaps you’re a real estate agent or lawyer who is building a digital presence. 

Regardless of your profession, SEO agencies can help you. The core duties of an SEO specialist include researching keywords, drafting content, building links, among other duties. Their main goal is to optimize your website so it ranks higher in search engines. 

It can take between 61 to 182 days to rank your website successfully. If you engage in SEO on your own, the process could take longer due to trial and error. A professional has a better chance of achieving your desired rankings sooner rather than later. Best of all, you can focus on your area of expertise. 

This article will provide an in-depth look into the duties of an SEO marketing agency. Let’s explore. 

Keyword Research

Keyword research entails finding the right keywords that users type into search engines. It can be a laborious task, and many business owners don’t know how to find the best keywords. However, an SEO agency specializes in keyword research. There are many factors involved during the research process, such as: 

  • Competition: Competition refers to the effort needed to rank the website. To rank at the top, you must surpass webpages who already rank highly with the keyword. The ability to rank the keyword depends on such factors as industry competitiveness and keyword popularity. 
  • User Intent: User intent refers to a user’s intention to find information. In many ways, user intent has become more important than keyword research.
  • Search Volume: Search volume breaks down the average monthly volume of the keyword in 12 months. Search volume helps you understand the keyword’s popularity and profitability. 

Each category requires intense research and planning, which is something that many professionals don’t have time for. SEO companies can research on your behalf and create a tailored strategy for your website. In addition, hiring an SEO company is a great option if you’re not tech-savvy.

  • Example: Most people don’t know how to find keywords on social media. However, SEO companies can research keywords on social media and other platforms.  

Content Creation

After keyword research, specialists plug the keywords into articles and blog posts. They can create content for your website, landing pages, and social media accounts. Also, they will draft content consistently on all platforms. 

Further, they will place the keywords into certain parts of an article. The keyword implementation breaks down as follows:

  1. The primary keyword is usually in the title of the article.
  2. The primary keyword must be in the article introduction and as close to the beginning as possible. 
  3. The primary keyword is in one of the sub-headers. 
  4. The primary keyword is within the closing section of the article.  

The positioning can vary, but most creators abide by this general structure. Additionally, SEO agencies will research secondary keywords that will enrich your content further. Writers pepper in the secondary keywords sparingly, and secondary keywords should have a density of 1 to 2% within the article. 

  • Note: Google’s algorithms tend to be complex and are evolving constantly. Therefore, the latest keyword structure is subject to change in the future. It takes a professional to research the latest trends. 

With that, keywords aren’t the most important aspect of content creation. Instead, it’s the content itself.

Creating quality content is the most important factor when it comes to SEO. Google prioritizes quality articles and blog posts. Generic content won’t engage your readers, and it won’t help your website rank higher in search engines. 

Also, the content must grab the reader’s attention in the beginning and keep them interested throughout the rest of the article. It’s a skill that not every person can handle. Plus, writing for webpages and social media accounts is a full-time job within itself. 

The best SEO agencies have professional writers that know how to create compelling content. 

Link Building 

Link building is the process of getting other websites to link back to your website. Backlinks will get Google’s attention. It means your website is a quality source of information. Overall, websites with more backlinks tend to rank higher. 

However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to establish backlinks. You must add the links naturally instead of forcing them artificially.

  • Example: Some SEO specialists will buy backlinks or use underhanded tactics to create them. These tactics are black-hat SEO techniques. Black-hat SEO violates Google’s terms of service (TOS), and Google can ban your website from search engines. 

The best SEO agencies implement white-hat SEO tactics. White-hat SEO principles follow Google’s TOS and promote organic SEO implementation. 

When it comes to link building, SEO companies usually create quality content first and foremost. Then, they find authoritative sources that can link back to your website. SEO companies will also post links on social media or any popular blog.

You’ll benefit from higher credibility, and established websites allow additional traffic to flow to your website. As a result, you’ll gain a wider online presence. 

Link building is a time-consuming process, and no one should rush it. Instead, allow an SEO agency to handle the process for you. 

Are SEO Agencies Worth the Cost?

SEO agencies are worth the investment because they can save you time and money. SEO is an all-encompassing job that includes content creation, keyword research, and link building. Many professionals don’t have the time to engage in these tasks.

However, SEO agencies are trained in SEO tactics, and they can rank your website faster. 

Want to know more about Google’s algorithms? Click here to learn more.

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