Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

At SMDigital Partners, we believe that Digital Consulting is a science and an art. 

We start our methodology with data and customer insights and an assessment of a company’s existing resources and assets. With a specified data set as the performance beacon for results, we work with you to set new objectives and use innovation and creative solutions to reach those goals. We assess your current digital presence organically, isolate the gaps, recognize the risks and then we create opportunities with you.  We work with your teams to present your business to the digital world in a creative and measurable way that leverages your digital data to reach peak performance levels. Online and digitally!

Social Media Marketing

“In the new era of digital marketing, brands that stand out are those that create original and valuable content.”

We currently manage more than 40 brands on different social networks.  We focus on quality over quantity and while we deliver on both the Qs, we work with you to create content that really resonates with your audiences’ interests. Social media is a digital service that has different approaches: on one end, it functions as a content distribution platform, and on the other end, it works to advertise to ultra segmented audiences, specific brand messages as well as building relationships with the consumers. For this reason, we group the different services in the following products:

  • Social Media Account Setup
  • Editorial Calendar Planning
  • Content Creation
  • Engagement Strategies and Management
  • Social Media Competitor Reporting
  • Reputation Management & Support
  • Social Media Strategy & Planning
  • Multi-format Content Creation for Social Media
  • Content Creation:
    • Posts
    • Photos & Editorials
    • Gifs
    • Videos
    • Articles
    • Infographics
  • Community Management:
    • Responding to users
    • Redirecting messages within the company
    • Scaling comments
    • Real time marketing
    • Optimization towards fan growth or increasing engagement.
  • App Assembly or Social Media Contests
    Some of the apps are:
    • Photo or Video Contests (votes / points)
    • Virtual gifts
    • Questions & Answers
    • Invitation module to other users
  • Social Listening Tools
  • Social Media Advertising


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