The Best Google PPC Tools: Quick Guide

Daily tools used by Pay Per Click Professionals.

There are many tools that are great for PPC. Many of these are used by both professionals and amateurs, almost every single day. We are professionals and we use these tools daily.

So what do we use to find to create your PPC marketing plan, find the best keywords for your company, how to find the best ways to optimize your website and get more traffic for your offers?

We use the best tools on the market and we use them properly. We know which work, which are ideal for your website, how to implement the technology, and how to choose the best strategy. Our guide includes both paid and free versions for these tools because we know that some free tools are awesome. We use every tool, no matter what it costs, even if it’s free!

Let’s start the guide:

Table of Contents


1. Keyword Research Tools

Here are some of the best keyword research tools we currently use:

SEMRush – the perfect tool for spying on your competitors

SEMRush is probably the best keyword research tool you can find on the market. The tool lets you check your PPC stats on any website, including your competitors’ websites. It’s perfect for keyword modeling – this is when you check how a particular keyword works. You can also check your competitors’ domains and run a detailed keyword report on their website. Then, you can check their keywords, add new ones, and explore their existing pages. New ad groups can be created to see how specific keywords work before starting the actual PPC campaign.

Keywords Everywhere

This tool is very easy to use – it’s essentially a Google Chrome extension that lets you explore various data. This includes the search volume for each website or keyword, the cost per click, and other competitor data. The tool can help you save a lot of time and resources, as it’s very cheap and comes with a lot of features.

Google Suggest Scraper – UberSuggest – the tool that helps you find keywords

Have you noticed how Google suggests new terms whenever you do a search? UberSuggest will pick these suggestions and complete the search for each separate keyword. What’s more, the tool will also suggest different keywords, according to your search. The tool is free and helps you a lot when working with thousands of different keywords.


Ahref’s Keyword Explorer – the killer keyword research tool you should use

This is one of the most popular keyword research tools on the market. It’s a great tool for research because it has the largest database and a very detailed report for each keyword. You can also get an accurate keyword difficulty estimation which can help you a lot when planning your PPC strategy. Another powerful feature of Ahref’s is the backlink tool, which will tell you approximately how many links you need in order to rank for a specific keyword.


Google Trends – finding the trending keywords

This is the best tool if you want to find trending keywords. It’s ideal for campaigns that are focused on current events and news. It lets you search and filter among different countries, niches, and fields. You can also explore each keyword and get a detailed report on its evolution.


2. Tracking and Analytics Tools

Here are the best tools for tracking your campaigns:


This tool can track hundreds of campaigns with multiple keywords. It provides detailed reports on keywords, activity, traffic, and what your visitors are doing on your website.


Google Analytics

This is the golden standard in the digital marketing industry. Everyone uses Google Analytics – both professionals and amateurs because it provides a detailed report for your website. The tool is free and provides a lot of information.


This is a good alternative for Google Analytics, ideal for both professionals and amateurs.

3. Ad Creation Tools

Want to create personalized ads for your PPC campaigns? Here are the best ad creation tools you should use:

Adwords Wrapper

This is probably the best ad creation tool you should use for your campaigns. It can help you wrap keyword phrases in quotation marks (for the phrase match) or square brackets (for the exact match). Your campaigns will also become faster and more efficient, as planning and execution become easier with this tool.


AdEspresso is an awesome ad creation tool you should definitely try. The tool is famous for its administrative panels which let you work quickly and are visually pleasing. You can create a great ad in just a few hours. There are also many optimization features.


4. Business Building Tools

Are you trying to build your business with Pay Per Click and want to become an important player in the industry? Try these amazing tools:


This is a great platform that is ideal for businesses that want to avoid the dreaded back and forth of finding a time and place to meet. Clients and contractors can book meetings directly with you, remotely.

Unbounce – the perfect landing page builder

This tool is probably the best landing page builder you can use. It saves you a lot of time and it helps you build a great landing page in just a few hours. There are hundreds of templates available and you have a lot of customization options.

ClickFunnels – the ideal tool for landing pages and funnels

This is an amazing tool for companies that want to collect emails, create courses, and quick landing pages. It’s probably the best page builder we’ve ever seen and it’s definitely worth every penny. You can get more information about ClickFunnels in Russel Brunson’s DotCom Secrets Book which also features amazing marketing advice. It’s probably the best book on digital marketing you’ll ever read.


One of the most comprehensive and affordable sales and marketing automation platforms currently on the market. An agency like ours and our partners can drive more sales, convert leads into sales and optimize an entire funnel with this all-in-one solution. Sharpspring provides a powerful easy-to-use tool so that our clients can concentrate on what matters most while we help them build the growth they deserve.


Thanks for reading our guide!

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