Advertising Agency vs. Digital Agency ?

Digital agencies make use of the latest technologies in order to help their existing clients acquire new customers by using channels that have yet to be explored. These agencies primarily target the online audience, whether it be though traditional mediums, social media, pay per click, responsive web design or through mobile devices.

The role of a digital agency is often misperceived; the layman usually believes that such agencies deal with website and design and such. However, the reality of the situation highlights many other functions. These agencies make use of tools like web analytics to observe and analyze the behavior of customers.

This analysis is in turn used to increase sales for the organization.

Apart from this, they are responsible for the monitoring, modification, and creation of the advertisement campaigns that are launched online. These campaigns are used to pinpoint and target various regions along with different demographic groups. The advertisements are placed on other websites along with different search engines and will also appear on different online mediums in video format.

These ads serve the client by providing content that is related to the message delivered by the client. Every ad and every placement of the ad is evaluated with the specific goal of locating the most relevant blend of ad, placement, and that of the landing page.

Benefits of a Digital Agency


The decision to go online and advertise in collaboration with a digital agency proves to be quite cost effective when compared against the traditional method of ad placement. This translates into a large benefit for the smallest of businesses. Online ads do not require the services of professional video production and other such expenses.


The campaigns using Digital Marketing can be launched within a few days after the parameters of the campaign are determined. Pay per click ads which only make use of text, are among the first to be launched. They are closely followed with ads that are more sophisticated in display.

The Downside of Digital Marketing

The only major drawback of digital marketing is that to go on about it effectively, one requires a team with an exceptional grip on the many technological intricacies and a firm understanding of how this very dynamic environment works and continues to evolve.

Advertising Agencies

The dominance of advertising and marketing agencies continues mainly due to its sheer size and momentum. The biggest advantage of these agencies is that they provide a full-service solution. This means that they are capable of handling everything from media placement to branding. The ads that are placed through these agencies reach out to a far wider audience, mainly due to the vast variety of tools available for this kind of marketing.

One stop shop

As mentioned earlier, these agencies serve to provide a complete solution, coming up with holistic advertising plans for the promotion of a business’s brand or product.


The agencies which are well-established are safe to invest in. This is because you will be fully aware of what you are getting yourself into and there is a good chance that your competition might be doing the same thing.

Although the two kinds of agencies are miles apart, the differences between the two continue to fade away with the increasing prevalence of technology in every aspect of our lives. Advertising agencies are evolving fast to keep up with the modern consumer trends whereas digital agencies are growing rapidly in terms of size and scope of offered services digitally.

This makes it distinguish to differentiate the two; however, it is safe to say that the digital marketing agencies have a strong advantage in terms of the cost-benefit they offer.


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