9 Fun Things to Do in Delray Beach when Not Behind a Computer

Delray Beach serves as the perfect retreat for couples and has much to offer to tourists. It is perhaps due to this reason that Rand McNally has named it the most fun town in the USA. Apparently, this view is shared by the travel channel and USA Today. This place is a magnificent fusion of cultures and offers a great deal of diversity.

It seems like the meeting point of Old Florida and a lively village located by the sea.

One of the best luxury hotels present at this place is ‘The Seagate Hotel and Spa.’ This hotel offers some of the best services in that area. These include golf for the gentlemen, a spa for your relaxation needs, and water sports for the adventure lovers. This hotel is one of the many luxury hotels present in that area all of which offer similar services. However, the spirit of this place isn’t restricted to the luxury hotels as there are many other attractions available for tourists.

Listed below are nine things that you can do during your stay at the Delray Beach:

1.    Delray Municipal Beach

What’s the point of going to Delray Beach if you don’t actually go to its beach? It is one of the most beautiful beaches present in South Florida. This place is paradise for beach lovers. It offers you everything that you could possibly want at a beach. Opt for a stand-up paddle board or rent a Kayak and make the most of your trip!

2.    Arts Garage Art Galleries

Are you an art lover? Then it is an absolute must for you to visit the Arts Garage. This place caters to all the needs of art lovers. It includes a lot of valuable pieces of art for the attraction of the tourists.

3.    Arts Garage Art Classes

If you are done with visiting the gallery at Arts garage and feel the need to polish up on your art skills, you can opt for an arts class here. It can be any form of art class that you desire.

4.    Arts Garage Performing Arts

Everyone enjoys a musical performance of excellent standards. Head down again to the Arts garage where you enjoy music or plays which feature amazing performances.

5.    Restaurants

When you are done with enjoying the different forms of art present at Arts Garage, look around for the many restaurants here offering you a wide variety of food to suit your tastes. All you have to do is get a golf cart and then head towards the restaurants located along the Atlantic Avenue and Ocean Boulevard.

6.    Bars

Not in the mood for a meal? Then the same location is filled with different bars as well which are quite famous among the tourists.

7.    Pineapple Grove Arts district

For any one visiting Delray Beach, going to the Pineapple Grove Arts district is a must. It has a wide variety of art galleries shops and boutiques.

Delray Beach is known for a number of festivals that it plays host to.

8.    Delray Affair

This is a family festival with something for everyone featuring music, arts, and different specialties of food.

9.    Delray Beach Garlic Festival

This event is aimed at exploring the various cooking needs served by garlic along with its health benefits. Do not miss out on this one if you have any interest at all in the culinary arts!

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