When Will Augmented Reality Change The World

Augmented Reality and The World Around You

The purpose of augmented reality (AR) is to provide live insight into the real world which is physically present around us in a way, that it appears to be increased through the use of computer-generated input. These inputs might include sound, graphics, video, GPS data, or information.

Augmented Reality (AR) has existed for quite some time now. It was used by Boeing to provide help in the wiring assembly of airplanes. It was used along with head mounted displays back in the 90s.

It operated in a way that the people involved in performing this highly complex wiring task were able to see everything on the screen right in front of them. This allowed them to see where to place which wire, along with the color of the wire among other things.

Augmented Reality for Nature

Nowadays, AR isn’t available exclusively for complex tasks of technical nature. In fact, now it is within the use of the masses in the form of the millions of different smartphone applications. For instance, one of the first AR applications was available in 2010.

This allowed the user to identify various natural structures like names of mountains. All the user had to do was use this app along with the camera of the smartphone and it displayed the names of the mountains or other such structures. With just the touch of a button, users were able to access complex data like the natural fauna and the elevation of the mountain, among other things.

The Future of Augmented Reality

This allows us to safely make predictions about what the future of AR apps have in store for us. One safe prediction is that smartphones will start featuring more and more sensors which will allow their use to be increasing natural. For instance, let’s take a situation where the user is in need for a pair of Italian shoes for men.

Now, he may have a brand in mind but he may not know which shop to approach on the shopping street that he is currently at. All he will be required to do in such a situation is to point the camera of his smartphone in order to acquire an image of the street.

Now the AR app will allow the user to get the names of the stores that are selling shoes on that street along with the list of brands that they have in store.

The idea is that if it is possible for this application to perform this task outside the store, then it can easily do so inside the store as well. For instance, let’s consider another example where a person inside a large warehouse store which stores laundry detergent.

Now, instead of walking down each aisle in search for the laundry detergent that he requires, he can use his phone’s camera and let the AR application do the rest. The application can be expected to show you a little arrow pointing towards the exact location of the product that you desire.

Augmented reality is a veritable game changer and is already in use in its experimental form. A few more years and we will have AR apps and devices become mainstream.

Augmented Reality Agency

The future is actually a lot closer than we think. Here at SMDigital Partners in Delray Beach, FL, our Augmented Reality engineers have developed a few applications for the real estate, marine, and automotive industries.

Please take a second and view some of our AR videos below.

Automotive Augmented Reality 

Real Estate Augmented Reality 

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