Marketing Automation Service

Boost your sales and marketing with our MA platform and get a better ROI on your marketing spend and sales pipeline. Create it, track it, convert it and keep it engaged, all in one place.

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Marketing Automation

We are dedicated to creating a digital presence that converts your prospects into engaged and loyal customers.

The first step is making sure that your website speaks to your leads and customers consistently and effectively and it’s converting them to engaging your product or service. This means creating, planning and supporting an optimized dynamic and responsive website with relevant content, effective communication strategies and a planned and ongoing engagement strategy. Our Marketing Automation platform is the perfect and affordable solution for your business.

We are dedicated to creating a digital presence that converts your prospects into engaged and loyal customers. 

Marketing Automation

With our marketing automation platform, we offer a powerful & affordable platform with ongoing support to enhance your marketing and sales ROI, digitally.

Our Marketing Automation platform offers two modules designed to organize every effort of your digital marketing. A sales module and a marketing module. Whether your team needs to track and respond to your marketing campaign effectiveness or monitor your leads and sales opportunities in the sales pipeline, our MA platform offers all the tools to stay one step ahead of your competition, your marketing and your sales pipeline. It’s easy to use automated workflow functionality allows you to set business rules on everything from assigning new leads to your sales team to automatically sending our email follow up campaigns to your leads. Integrating this powerful tool into your organization can take time and strategic planning. We offer integration assistance, support and strategic guidance to help you get the most out of your marketing automation investment. It is simple, affordable and easy to use…it’s like hiring a team of marketing and sales professionals at a fraction of the cost and…it never takes a break.

Features include:
  • Behavior-Based Email
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Dynamic Landing Pages
  • Blog Builder
  • Social Media Management
  • CRM & Sales Automation
  • Dynamic Form Builder
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Anonymous Visitor ID

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