Reputation Management

Reputation management is the process of getting reviews, monitor and respond to customer feedback, and showcase your success in a way that increases your brand's prominence positively.

What is Reputation Management?

A company’s reputation is built from a variety of sources such as comments, shares, reviews and recommendations. The ecosystem in which these all happen changes continually thanks to ever evolving publishers, platforms and apps emerging at an extremely fast speed.

Reputation management is the broader overall strategy which sets out to improve all micro-actions emerging from your online presence in this ecosystem. How they are conducted and directed. 

Lead Generation

Building trust and credibility is critical to running a successful business. However, until recently, they were not part of digital marketing activity because brand image was the sole preserve of PR experts. Nowadays though it seems like traditional public relations teams are tasked with building positive brand images too; this has changed in recent years due to new technologies that allow for better communication between brands and consumers which can affect their buying decisions positively or negatively depending on how trustworthy each party may seem online.

Reviews, ratings and social signals provide a huge amount of hidden data that can help grow your revenue by tapping into the phycology of trust and loyalty.

Here are some of the best reputation management strategies you can start implementing today.

  • Build Brand Trust & Corporate Identity
  • Reward Loyalty (Loyalty Programs)
  • Promote Positive Feedback/Reviews
  • Google My Business Management
  • Social Media Listening and Management

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