Local SEO – What is it?

Going deeper, getting more specific – that’s what defines pretty much every aspect of the competitive business world today. The same stands true for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the local space too.

Today, businesses not only need to ensure they rank well for the relevant queries, but also in local directory listings, social media and other data aggregators.

Searchers are looking for niche-targeted to geo-specific content based on the neighborhood businesses that they live in; Add conventional SEO, layered in with a responsive website and you have a winning local marketing funnel.

That’s what local SEO is in essence

The concept of local marketing has been around since quite some time, and the same has in turn given birth to its more tech-oriented brethren, that is, local SEO. The basic premise is the same: getting local traffic, in this case, local search traffic to take action, visit your brick and mortar store and purchase your goods.

Local SEO in Depth

The main focus of local SEO is to be able to provide authentic and relevant information to the individual, specific to their current location. For instance, you are out and about vacationing in West Palm Beach, FL   and you decide you want to do something fun!

To decide what to do, you take out your smart phone, and search “fun things to do in West Palm Beach”.

Within a few seconds, you get results of all the fun things to do in West Palm Beach, as well as where you are through your current location. This happens through a combination of effective Google Maps Marketing, on-site SEO, local SEO tactics, citation building, Google My Business optimization, and then with the help of a proper responsive website with site structure, your business may be ranked for certain keywords organically and through local business directory listings.

Why use Google Maps Marketing?

Many local business owners know that in today’s day and age, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, thanks to the smartphone. From shopping to paying bills and doing a lot more, your entire world is in that phone, and since nowadays, many know the value of saving time, everyone refers to their smartphone for everything, including finding information about businesses they want to shop at that are closest to where they are. This is where local business owners use the advantage of local marketing.

The key here is to sprinkle SEO keywords like ‘best bakery,’ ‘nearest hospital,’ best café in area,’ etc.

When an individual uses Google to search for any such keywords, they are automatically spotted by Google and are displayed. Not just that, their location can be seen on Google Maps as well, so that the individual knows the exact location and has access through directions to reach the destination with much ease.

GPS Marketing is also another form of local marketing which is very convenient for drivers as they are able to save time and effort, no longer having to ask for directions or having to pull over in seedy neighborhoods.

How can I get Local SEO Services?

If you are the owner of a local business and you wish that your business is also displayed through local SEO marketing and on Google Maps Marketing, then the best option is to claim a Google My Business Page (Google Places, Google+ Local) to get started. This page will contain vital information including the nature of business, address, timings, what’s happening, etc.

Making this profile will help Google in placing your business on the map so that it becomes detectable, also, making a profile on similar pages like Google+ Local will help link your business and profile so that viewers and visitors can learn more, post reviews, and add pictures to attract more people.

Want the best digital marketing ideas for your local business? Contact SM Digital Partners (561.404.9787), and together, we can help your business reach new heights!

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