Why are Digital Marketing Reports Important?

Important Marketing Reports

First of all, what is a Digital Marketing Report?

Marketing reporting is the process of gathering and analyzing marketing data to create an informative report. Typically a document, or it could be a digital dashboard, a marketing report combines data from multiple marketing channels, like Google Pay per Click, Facebook, TikTok, your local newspaper or print journal, ideally in real-time, and shows the overall performance results of your marketing strategy, whether it’s local, regional, national or global.

Why is it important?

The goal of a digital marketing report is to inform future marketing decisions, strategies, and performance. Well built, real-time and accurate digital marketing reports identify meaningful, actionable insights and allow you to take action accordingly.

Got it. But, what’s the purpose?

The purpose of your marketing report is to understand whether the marketing strategies you currently use are going in the right direction and how to further improve them. The scope of the report can vary depending on the subject matter and the number of platforms you are collecting your data from. 

Okay. So Why Again Should I Use A Digital Marketing Report?

  • Encourages Better Marketing Decisions –

For example, you’ll be able to tell whether your Google Ad spend is profitable, or you’re spending too much on your social media strategy and need to change course or stop it all together.
  • Establishes Benchmarks for Performance –

You’ll see what channels are working well – and which aren’t – so you’ll know what your target benchmark is when you look to new digital marketing channels or campaigns.
  • Keeps your Marketing Budget On Budget

A well structured report will tell you how much you’ve spent each day, week month and quarter and should keep you from overspending.

In Sum – What We’ve Learned

Many clients come to us after realizing their reports are either not correct, not real time, or simply non-existent. But the facts are clear. In order to responsibly manage your marketing budgets, you must have access to marketing reports that give you accurate, insightful and immediate data so that you can grow your business optimally and intelligently.
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