Why Email Marketing is Effective for B2B Companies?

Given the rate which firms have access to new digital marketing methods, e-mail marketing may appear outdated.

We all loved e-mail when we were first introduced to this digital mail of the internet, and, its importance has since been dwarfed by that of other methods such as SEO, SEM (pay-per click advertising), local SEO, social media marketing, and other digital marketing tactics.

Today, social media marketing and mobile marketing are dominating the digital marketing platform, and B2B companies are giving much emphasis on these digital channels for building long-term relationships with their clients.

So where does this leave E-mail marketing?

There are several reasons why Email marketing, in fact, is more effective than other digital marketing methods.

Here are a reasons to explain why this may be the case.

Provides a Customized Message

One of the biggest benefits in using Email for marketing campaigns is the ease at which it can be tailored for the individual needs of clients.

With Email marketing, lists of different companies can be segmented and the message be customized for differentiation.

This allows B2B companies to target their clients according to a specific buyer persona and benefit from greater likelihood of responses.

Relationship Focused

Another reason why Email marketing is ideal for B2B companies is that it is extremely relationship-focused, which is useful for growing clientele and business value.

Its two-way communication offers a powerful means for businesses to engage directly with clients and maintain strong ties.

More importantly, through Email marketing, you are not invading their personal space or interrupting their busy schedules.

You can communicate with them at a time that is most suitable for them unlike in the case of other digital marketing methods or even outbound phone calls.


There is little use in conducting effective marketing campaigns if it drains your costs. With Email marketing, however, B2B companies can benefit from not only productive marketing campaigns, but also from achieving a higher ROI (return on investment) for their business.

This is especially important for recent startup companies that have limited funding and want to expand their customer base using inexpensive yet effective digital marketing means.

Easy to Measure

It is essential that B2B companies are able to measure the impact of their marketing campaigns to identify errors and areas of improvement. Efficient resource utilization is crucial for the long-term running of any business.

Email marketing makes use of a variety of important metrics, such as open rates, delivery rates, and click through rates that can enable a company to accurately evaluate its digital marketing efforts.

It’s superb monitoring capabilities allows companies to make continuous improvement and identify errors before making substantial blunders and losses.


Mobility is increasingly seen as a key marketing and IT strategy as more and more businesses implement BYOD (bring your own device) policies to allow increased worker productivity.

For B2B companies, this means that targeting personalized e-mails will be more than likely to be viewed by company representatives via smartphones and tablet PCs.

As a result, companies can gauge greater customer engagement and responses and be able to harness business opportunities with greater precision than other digital marketing methods.

SM Digital Partners currently offers tailored Email marketing campaigns for the real estate, education, and medical verticals. For a custom package please contact James at 561-404-9787.

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