What is a Digital Marketing Agency? It’s more than you think…

What is a Digital Marketing Agency & What Do We Do….

A digital marketing agency is a business that delivers services for the creative and technical development for companies looking to maximize their digital exposure online in 2017.

So really…. 

To answer these tough questions we must first provide the services that SMDigital Partners offers:

So you are probably asking…..

Why not say you’re an online advertising firm or an internet marketing company….

All of it is true but the reality is that those words do not define the digital marketing strategy we take with our clients to create their digital brand experience.

We also don’t call ourselves a web design firm only because a website is just the first digital layer that we create as a Full-Service Digital Agency.

SMDigital is an international digital agency in South Florida that offering digital strategy, digital marketing and responsive web design and application development.


We help clients advertise online using our in-house digital marketing team enabling us to build their marketing initiatives. 


So in a nutshell, what is a digital marketing agency?

  • It’s a family of digital specialists.
  • It’s a resource for creativity but also problem-solving.
  • It’s a partner. 

We enjoy using our minds and intelligence to apply our specialized knowledge to help clients realize the digital value of an integrated online marketing approach.

SMDigital Partners is 106 dedicated digital marketing specialists solving complex problems for our client partners in the United States.

SMDigital Partners
601 N. Congress Ave. #430
Delray Beach, FL 33445

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