Top Real Estate Digital Marketing Trends for 2015

2014 was a highly successful year for pretty much everyone involved in the real estate industry, especially here at SM Digital Partners, where we helped our real estate developer partners close over $50 million dollars in luxury real estate transactions.

The fantastic response and growth of the real estate industry brought forth new concepts and marketing trends, as well as ideas for real estate digital marketing. Initially, the adoption rate of digital marketing was very slow, which now they are the latest and most popular trends in helping to sell real estate.

Being able to drive your marketing message to an audience that wants to see your message creates a much more targeted and engaged audience that will hopefully lead to a real estate sale!

With digital trends growing prevalent in 2015, they are now even more powerful, effective, and efficient, with more than 90% of individuals searching for properties and relevant real estate information online.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Rules the Markets

There is absolutely no doubt in this one- creating and subsequently marketing original high quality custom content is the oldest yet the best way to go about. Words are a powerful thing, and when combined with attractive visuals, prove to be astoundingly effective enough, all without breaking the bank.

You do not need to spend thousands on conventional marketing trends, with which you have no surety of the appropriate returns. Digital marketing is all about tracking metrics and return on investment (ROI).

However, for those who are in the real estate business, 75% of them do not know how to market their content in such a way that their targeted audience will be driven towards them – that’s where SEO Marketing, SEM (Google AdWords), Local SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing Creation services come in.

Through the help of expert SEOs like the teammates at SM Digital Partners, you know that you will get the best and the highest quality content, written by American writers with a high level of technical industry expertise.

Visuals & a Responsive Web Design

Real estate is one of those markets where everyone is part of an ongoing race, one with cutthroat competition. To stay ahead of the curve, top marketers recommend attractive visuals and using a top-notch responsive website – one of the hottest trends in real estate digital marketing for 2015.

Local Business Listings and Real estate listings, accompanied with powerful visuals, are able to engage viewers better. People want to know what they are looking at and paying for, since at times, descriptions turn out to be something different than what one imagines.

Secondly, in an age where mobile dominates, and nearly 80% of all internet users using their mobile devices to access the internet, you need a website design that morphs accordingly, depending on the screen size it is being viewed on. That’s where responsive web design comes in, making it a trend that real estate marketers must implement, or risk losing significant market share.

Using Local SEO for Real Estate

The main purpose of local SEO is to find what you want or what you are looking for that is near your location. When you search real estate neighborhoods in a certain area, local SEO will automatically detect your current location and update you with the closest real estate for sale available to you.

This trend has gained a lot of traction in the real estate market, being efficient and particularly effective, and since 90% of people do everything online through their smartphones, it is highly convenient for them.

Are you behind on the top real estate digital marketing trends? Contact us at SMDigital (561.404.9787) and we’ll fix you right up with a free website audit.

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