Social Media Working for Real Estate Marketing

In 2017, asking a question like, “does social media even work for something” should be banned. Social media has done wonders for almost all businesses that utilize the platforms effectively. It is the perfect forum to advertise your business for little or no cost. The only cost is time to curate content and if you decide to use paid advertisements (Social PPC).

Social media has become the main source of information and news for the majority of people in the United States. Almost nobody reads the newspaper today, and less people watch television because they are too busy with their smart phones or when they are watching TV, it’s with their mobile devices as second and third devices as “screens”.

How social media works for Real Estate Agencies

The way real estate marketing has changed over the past few years is a direct impact of how social media has become ingrained in our day to day communication with one another. These days if someone wants to sell something, they don’t even need to put out an ad, all they need to do is put up a post on Instagram, use some hashtags, and let their friends know that they are selling something.

Whatever it is!

Take beautiful pictures

You know what attracts people towards the real estate market the most? Besides the low prices, it is the beauty of the place that you are advertising. Social media is the perfect place for real estate marketing because of the fact that people love viewing good pictures on social media.

Instagram and Facebook both have people sharing different pictures that they find nice. If you can manage to get some stunning pictures of the place that you are trying to advertise, you can be sure that you will gather a lot of attention on the social media.

Event Updates

Advertise events through your real estate social media page. People love to hear about events and if coupled with a nice video or visual, people will be sharing and viewing more of your content. The neighborhoods that you deal in the most must have events happening every now and then, update your page with events and advertise the neighborhood as much as you can.

Engage your clients

The best way to advertise on social media is by engaging your clients. The best way to do that is to take a picture with them congratulating them on their new house and upload it on your page. Make a video of a couple’s baby taking their first step into the new house and post it online, with their permission of course. Take care of your clients and people will surely appreciate it.

Make people compete

Nothing gets people more interested on social media than a competition. Offer your followers something in return for doing something like sharing their favorite house picture or commenting something about the house and you will have views pouring in. Offer them something in return like a gift bag, or a weekend away from the city (if you can afford it).

Entertain people

Most pages that are famous on social media are so because they share stuff that is interesting. Your page does not necessarily always have to be all about real estate, you can share funny stuff such as videos or memes for people who have liked your page to keep reminding them of your presence there.

Social media is an endless portal for good advertising and especially good for businesses such as real estate, you just need to know the correct way of marketing yourself over there.

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