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Needless to say having a website is essential in the digital age, as it is the most effective way to promote and market your business.

Not only does a website act as a tool to attract virtual visitors and converts them into potential customers, it is the quintessential source of information regarding the services and products you sell online and offline.

In other words, it is like an online showroom that displays your products and services to targeted customers in the best light possible.

Of course, in order to attract customers to your website, it is vital that your web design is eye-catching and user-friendly.

That is what we, at SMDigital Partners in Delray Beach, FL make sure of. From a responsive website that is compatible with multiple browsers and mobile devices to a customized one, we can take on any kind of web design project and carry it out with flying colors.

Core Features of Our Web Designs

A well-designed website undoubtedly compliments your online presence and improves your reputation.

Following are the core features that we incorporate in our websites which makes our web designing services standout:

Lightning Loading Speed

Responsive Websites designed by our competent front and backend designers load quickly. No one likes a website that takes more than 10 seconds to load.

If your website is taking longer than that, not only will it put off users but its ranking will automatically fall in rank in online searches. Of course, filling those web pages with heavy images and graphics will only slow it down further.

That’s why we maintain a balance by including images and graphics in a way that doesn’t affect the loading speed. Apart from that, we incorporate different techniques such as premium web hosting, reduce RTTs, enable browser cache, use Content Delivery Network (CDN) and many others all of which can make your website’s performance skyrocket.

Proper Fonts and Color Schemes

There is a reason a website should have thematic color schemes and easy to read text. The optimum combination of proper color schemes of both text and background holds the visitors on the website and compels them to navigate through what you have to offer.

We make sure that the color schemes reflect the nature of your business and persuade the visitors to stay on your website long enough to increase time spent on your website.

Easy Navigation

The fact is many website visitors are impatient and do not like to waste their time on websites that are difficult to navigate 0r read what is on the site. We give extra attention to this factor and design the website in a way to make its navigation as easy and as convenient as possible for the end user.


Since visitors today use different means like mobile phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, etc. to browse the internet, it is imperative that your website is accessible from each one of them.

Your website should be able to provide the same experience in different browsers as well such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and many others.

This is why we work to create responsive websites which can not only attract target web surfers, but keep them riveted and convert into sales.

Whether you are looking for a makeover for your existing web design or want to get a new responsive website, we at SMDigital Partners, can cater to all your needs and develop a website that brilliantly showcases your services and thus, boosts sales.

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