Increase Your Website Ranking in 2017

Increase Your Website Ranking in 2017

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It’s the second quarter of 2017!

The mobile revolution is happening a lot quicker than anyone could imagine.

Robots and Articifial Intelligence are doing the work of humans.

Here at SM Digital Partners, a digital marketing agency in Delray Beach, FL;  we are ready for the future ahead of us.

Since 2003, we’ve been at the forefront of innovating our partner clients potential through “traditionaldigital marketing tactics like SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email Marketing, andResponsive Web Design but also expanded our horizons into augmented reality, interactive media, and virtual reality.

Real Estate Augmented Reality

Technology has advanced so quickly that it allows your average day computer user and business owner to easily setup a fully functional responsive website; it’s usually a WordPress, Wix or Squarespace website.

Because of inexperience or in a hurry to finish their website, SEO 101 sometimes get overlooked.

In 2017 it is even more important to follow these best practice for SEO 101. It will help your website ranking not only organically but also locally. Lets now take a look at how a business owner like yourself can easily upgrade their website ranking

Lets now take a look at how a business owner like yourself can easily upgrade their website ranking through these 3 easy website ranking tactics.

Increase your Website Ranking through SEO

On-page SEO

By optimizing the ad copy and content of your website you can be sure to gain more organic traffic to your website. With On page SEO, there will be tasks that your programmer or developer will need to help you with such as increasing your website web speed (Check your Website Speedand other technical SEO tactics that deal with compression and image reduction, etc.

This blog post is about you, the business owner, who likes to take a hands-on approach with their website. If you are one of those business owners that use WordPress, there are plugins that will help you optimize all of the technical SEO aspects, so don’t worry or just hire a professional digital marketing agency.

One of the key factors to increasing your website ranking is to maximize your SEO “friendliness” on your website. The easiest way to optimize your website is ::

  • Create educating copy on your website that answers your target markets questions. Ask yourself this, “Would I trust and / or buy from my website”? If say no, you’ve got some work to do!
  • Use descriptive copy for your Alt Image tags and make sure to save your image with a keyword
  • For optimized meta tags, use under 60 characters for your title tag, use under 160 characters in the meta description, and under 200 characters for your meta keywords. Use these two tools with that – Letter Count and Moz Title Tag Tool.

Off­-page SEO

One of the best ways to gain authority is to build up your link portfolio through high domain authority websites, local business listings, Google My Business, Image SEO, press releases and in some cases article directories.

If you want to check your local business rankings, feel free to use our Free Local SEO Tool by clicking here. With off page SEO, it is important to increase your SEO Visibility through Local SEO tactics such as:

  • Online Reviews from sites like Google My Business, Yelp!, and Facebook to name a few will help show how your business is from the eyes of happy or un-happy customers.
  • Data Aggregators like Factual and Axciom supply your NAP (name, address, phone number) to 100s of websites, GPS maps and more to be listed. Some of these local data aggregators are Free!
  • Optimizing your Maps whether its Google Maps or Apple Maps, making sure your Map information is correct and update is one quick way to increase your local SEO visibility!
  • Press Releases continue to boost your website ranking by amplifying your message to 100s if not 1000s of media entities ranging from Google News to your local, regional newspaper. Just don’t over use this digital marketing tactic!

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media is HUGE! It’s big enough that my mother and father use Facebook to communicate with their friends and family! One of the easiest ways to increase your website ranking is to make sure you register all your “Social Nodes”. Usually these profiles will allow you to add a link to your profile but also use your profile to submit content, like a status update on Facebook.

By using the power of social media to tell your businesses story will help gain awareness of your business online but also locally. It is important to think of social media as a community of potential customers right in your backyard but also around the world!

Free Website Audit

If your business wants to make a splash in 2017 when it comes to your digital marketing presence, it’s paramount that you know where you stand when it comes to your website online and your competitors.

To see how you or your competitors are doing online, please call SM Digital Partners at 561.404.9787 for a free complimentary web audit.

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How Can a Digital Marketing Agency Help Your Business in 2017

How Can a Digital Marketing Agency Help Your Business in 2017


What Can Our Digital Marketing Agency Do For You?

Millions of people go online to search for information, to create and share data, and to save and secure data on a daily basis. With so many people going online all over the world; all the time, the World Wide Web has turned into the world in itself.

Naturally, marketers and advertisers follow where their audience lives, breathes, and socializes.

Before the internet, newspapers ruled the roost, then came radio, followed by TV, which has now lost to the internet as the top advertising choice and will continue to be left behind by online / digital marketing. Those in the advertising agency world of things have evolved with time; such evolution has given birth to Digital Marketing Agencies and a far more sophisticated form of customer marketing online.

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Don’t Sleep on These 3 Digital Marketing Trends

Don’t Sleep on These 3 Digital Marketing Trends


Digital marketing is perhaps the biggest catalyst to enable business startups, small businesses, and big corporations reach immense financial success.

You only need to review the statistics to see the phenomenal role of digital marketing in catapulting businesses to become established and well known brands online and offline.

Until a decade ago, digital marketing was mainly limited to SEO and pay-per click advertising methods.

Since then, several other digital marketing trends and technologies have emerged that present considerable revenue-making possibilities and competitive advantages for firms.

Digital Marketing Trends

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Graphic Design
  • And various other digital marketing tactics…. 

This is why it is absolutely crucial that marketers and business owners stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends so they may know exactly what opportunities to take advantage of.

Here we present the top 3 digital marketing trends marketers should know about in 2016.

More Customers Use Mobile Devices

The substantial growth of mobile phones is leading many to access the internet from such devices.

Research from Global Web Index in 2014 noted how smartphone users accounted for 80 percent of internet users, a number that outweighed desktop users.

Businesses have already begun investing in enterprise mobile application development to respond to this growing trend, since mobile applications will enable them to target a considerable number of online traffic.

Moreover, the mobile platform is increasingly seen as a medium through which firms can focus on their SEO efforts.

Google, for example, has launched its algorithm, Mobilegeddon, which gives higher preference to websites that are optimized for the mobile platform.

Therefore, businesses that are looking to invest in cost-effective digital marketing tactics will be eager to invest a greater proportion of their budget on mobile marketing.

Video Marketing

If we have learned one thing about digital marketing in 2015, it was that video marketing has tremendous opportunities for businesses of any size.

With the phenomenal rise of video streaming websites, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime there lie numerous lessons for marketers of companies to enhance their digital marketing activities through the use video marketing. Facebook Live now gives the power of live video to engage customers and fans in a more personal manner.

For a start, video marketing, in comparison to other digital marketing tactics, is more personal and ‘real’ in terms of the component of human interaction.

Customers who watch a video are generally more likely to develop strong emotional connections with brands than those who use images or blogs as their driving digital marketing strategy.

Video-on-Demand technology, hence, will continue to grow in importance, and companies that utilize it will benefit from higher positive customer engagement.

Marketing Automation Part of an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Among all the other evolving digital marketing tactics and methods, the importance of an integrated marketing strategy is expected to be the key theme for 2016.

Marketing automation systems can enable companies of any size to utilize an integrated marketing strategy, owing to the synchronization of all Digital Marketing tactics including Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, Website Marketing, SEO, Pay Per Click Advertising and a lot more.

It can enable companies to benefit from a more consistent digital marketing strategy, resulting in greater brand loyalty and profitability.

End Note

In conclusion, the aforementioned digital marketing trends can help marketers provide fresh opportunities for advancing their marketing efforts.

If marketers are not quick enough in adapting to these trends, then they can suffer competitively and financially. If you are looking to an integrated digital marketing approach please contact Lenny Mauricio at 561-404-9787.

Reasons Why SEO Is Still Alive and Kicking!

Reasons Why SEO Is Still Alive and Kicking!

Digital Agency SEO SMDigital

It is commonly assumed by many SEO experts that search engine optimization (SEO) is dead and that it no longer holds the potential it used to have as a means of digital marketing leverage and business growth.

Among the reasons cited for their explanation, search engines including Google, Bing, & Yahoo; have made it more difficult for SEO companies and brands to appear higher in SERPs (search engine results pages).

Furthermore, organic SEO reach has taken a hit as many social networking sites and mobile applications have obtained a major slice of the traffic.

Think about your daily mobile Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest consumption.

However, there are many reasons to support the view that SEO is alive and still remains an important part of a business’s integrated marketing strategy.

Here we look at the top reasons why SEO is just getting started: Continue reading

SEO – Do I need it for my Small Business

SEO – Do I need it for my Small Business

Digital Agency Local SEO SEO SMDigital Web Design

Many small business owners think that SEO does not work and will not help in the success of their small business,  therefore they make the critical mistake of not investing in SEO marketing or local SEO either at the beginning of a re-design or with their current website.

Well, what they do not realize is that, depending on the stage that their business is in, they could have organic traffic coming in or their visibility could be very low, with hardly anyone aware of it outside their  immediate circles visiting.

SEO is by far one the most cost-effective way to bring in traffic to your business and increase conversions but it is also the most time consuming that is based on the number of hours an SEO professional has to work on the onsite and offsite SEO for the website.  Continue reading

What Does a Digital Agency Do For Your Business?

What Does a Digital Agency Do For Your Business?

Digital Agency Local SEO SEM SMDigital Web Design

Business owners, both veterans and those who are just starting out, are often faced with the online marketing question of whether they should go hire a digital agency, or make the relevant efforts in-house by hiring an employee.

To be able to answer that, one needs to truly understand exactly what a digital agency can bring to the table. The benefits are indeed quite a few, and here at SM Digital Partners, we are going to dive into exactly what our digital agency offers and what makes us different than most international digital agencies. Continue reading

Content Marketing, Local SEO, SEO, Say WHAT?

Content Marketing, Local SEO, SEO, Say WHAT?

Digital Agency

Local Search Optimization

Google is on the forefront of bringing quality content marketing to its users, content that is relevant to their search results and one that genuinely helps them with their search.

This has been the motivation behind their frequent search engine algorithms such as Hummingbird & Panda. One of the many developments in this regard is the focus on

One of the many developments in this regard is the focus on proximity as a ranking factor Local SEO. Users get search results depending on the country, city, and even the town you live in. You might have noticed the “3 pack” of results based on local search intent.

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Real Estate SEO – Is it Needed?

Real Estate SEO – Is it Needed?

Real Estate SMDigital

Real Estate SEO? Do I Need It?

In this digital era, it is imperative that in 2017 all real estate agencies and professionals establish and maintain an online presence as a part of their comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

As the Real Estate Zero Moment Of Truth published by Google, the internet has become a huge and diversified place which allows consumers to access “instant” information regarding any topic with just a click of a mouse, in the comfort of their own home without having to talk to anybody.

In order to successfully run your real estate agency, it is important for you to make the most of what the online realm has to offer, as people nowadays are very inclined towards searching for real estate information properties through the web.

But the question is… How to market your real estate agency over the internet?

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Opt for Local SEO in 2017 and Beyond!

Opt for Local SEO in 2017 and Beyond!

Digital Agency

What is Local SEO?

In basic terms, local search engine optimization (Local SEO) can be defined as the process of on-page website optimization which allows it to gain a higher ranking in organic rankings but also with off-page optimization that focuses localized search within business directories or “citations”.

The end result with a complete Local SEO campaign is to rank in places where people are searching for local businesses such as Google Maps and Search, Bing Local, Yelp!, and other local business listings (LBLs).  Continue reading

Maybe it’s Time to Digitally Advertise on the Web in 2017

Maybe it’s Time to Digitally Advertise on the Web in 2017


Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing (Updated 2017)

If you are a business owner or a manager of a business in South Florida, you are going to spend money on acquiring customers through the various different channels of marketing, advertising, and promotion available to you for your budget.

Sometimes it can be difficult to work out which marketing ideas are going to produce the best return on investment (ROI), and so you end up trying less than fruitful methods like newspaper ads or run a month of TV commercial ads.

These days, the way of doing business has been shattered through the use of online and digital marketing.

Consumers can now inform themselves about your product and service simply by visiting Google and searching for your business name, address, and phone number.

What are people saying about your business online?

Today, we’re going to focus on digital marketing and the solutions that are available online.

By understanding how advertising in the online world is much more favorable than anything else in terms of budget allocation, reach, market segmentation, and customer reporting.

The web allows your business to compete not only locally but regionally, nationwide, and globally – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; even while you are sleeping!

Don’t worry if you’re a bit of a technophobe, as you just have to find a good digital marketing agency to do all the hard work for you online.

So here are a few traditional marketing solutions and why they’re dying out. Continue reading