IBM Watson Helping Business with Marketing Solutions

What is IBM Watson?

IBM’s Watson named after their first CEO Thomas J. Watson, is a computer system that was developed in 2011. Watson is a computer system that is able to answer any questions asked of it, in a natural language.

The system was able to win a prize of a million dollars when it competed on the show Jeopardy against former winners. The Watson IBM system may very well be a genius and help you answer any question in the world, but what are the ways with which this system can help you market better in 2017?

How can IBM’s Watson Help?

Watson is a great service that is currently helping in the diagnosis of medical diseases. It has the ability to read about 800 pages per second which help you find your answer to whatever you want very quickly!

The system also has findings from over 23 million global research studies and can help you locate the exact text or answer that you are searching for.

From a marketing point of view, let’s look at some of the advantages that a business can have by using IBM Watson:

Natural Language Classifier

The IBM Watson system is very useful for developers to find solutions by understanding the meaning or intent embedded in the way the question is structured. It doesn’t matter if you ask questions differently, IBM Watson will be able to pick up on what you mean.

Social Media Posts Analysis

Today, marketing on social media is the way to go, and IBM Watson can be of tremendous help to your organization. One of Watson’s strengths includes analyzing unstructured data, which most social media posts fall under.

You can use Watson to determine the latest trends and jargon to use to your advantage through quick results.

Personality Analysis

This system analyzes the personality of a person through voice command recognition and also makes an in-depth linguistic analysis through observation of emails, tweets and forum posts to give more customized messages through suggestions and predictions.

It probably knows more about you than you!

Analyze the best way to sell with IBM Watson

Due to Watson’s fast analytic system, tradeoff analytics can help the user make a decision about something that they are conflicted about such as, to go with the white font or red font when designing a logo. This works well for purchases too, such as which laptop or cell phone to buy.

Digital Marketing Insights

Understand customer behavior better through analysis of individuals and their interaction on the social media. You can easily identify the right target audience for your product without having to consult a professional data analyst with Watson.

Campaign automation

With the help of IBM Watson, you will be able to change the way your campaign is going even after it has been launched. The campaign automation feature is quite helpful when you do not have the capacity to delay or halt the on-going project.

Watson is your way to quick data analysis and a gateway to understanding your audience much better than you ever did before. Use IBM Watson and discover a faster and better way of marketing.

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