How the Last Few iOS Updates Have Impacted Online Advertising

iOS updates impacting online advertising

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It’s no secret that online advertising is one of the most important responsibilities that entrepreneurs have when it comes to ensuring the success of their business.

However, the last few iOS updates for Apple mobile devices have impacted the way that businesses can advertise online.

These factors can impact ad visibility for your brand. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about advertising online.

App Tracking Transparency

When people discuss the complications associated with online advertising due to iOS updates, this is what they are referring to. App tracking transparency is a new feature that was introduced in iOS 14.5.

It requires app developers to get explicit permission from users before they are able to track them across different apps and websites.

The concern for businesses is that this could lead to a significant reduction in the number of people who are willing to be tracked. This would in turn lead to a reduction in the effectiveness of targeted advertising.

This is still an unfolding situation, so it remains to be seen what the long-term impact of app tracking transparency will be.

You should prepare for the worst, though. The last thing you want is for your future campaigns to fall short.

IDFA Changes

In addition to app tracking transparency, there have also been changes to the way that IDFA (identifier for advertisers) works on iOS 14 devices. IDFA is a unique identifier that is assigned to each Apple device, and it is used for targeted advertising.

Under the new policy, IDFA will still be available but it will be opt-in rather than opt-out.

This means that users will have to actively choose to share their IDFA with businesses in order for targeted advertising to take place

Again, this could lead to a reduction in the number of people who are willing to share their IDFA. You may then find that targeted advertising is not as effective as it used to be. Depending on how you leverage this type of advertising, you may need to pivot to a more reliable method.

Changes Made to Social Media Advertising

The changes to IDFA have also had an indirect impact on social media advertising. For example, Facebook relies heavily on IDFA for targeted advertising. As a result of the changes to IDFA, Facebook has had to make changes to the way that its ad platform works.

In particular, Facebook has had to introduce a new limit on the number of ad targeting options that businesses can use. This limit is currently set at eight, but it could be reduced further in the future.

This change is likely to have a negative impact on the effectiveness of social media advertising for many businesses.

It’s worth noting that the changes to IDFA are not just affecting businesses that advertise on Facebook.

Any business that uses IDFA for targeted advertising will need to find a way to deal with the changes. Depending on how you choose to configure advertising for your business, the effect this has on your company can range from substantial to negligible.

What About iOS 15 and iOS 16?

Apple’s internal data has shown that many users choose to disable personalized ads on their devices. This is likely to continue with future versions of iOS, which means that businesses will need to find alternative ways to reach their target audiences.

It is still too early to know for sure, but it seems likely that the changes made in iOS 14 will have a significant impact on online advertising for the foreseeable future.

How to Adapt Your Advertising Strategy

If you’re concerned about the impact of these changes on your business, there are a few steps that you can take in order to adapt your advertising strategy.

It’s important to remember that not all of your customers will be using iOS devices. This means that you should still focus on other platforms (such as Android) when you’re planning your advertising campaigns.

In addition, you should consider using other methods of advertising in order to reach your target audience. This will help to ensure that your business is not overly reliant on online advertising.

Of course, it’s essential to should keep an eye on the situation and be prepared to change your strategy if necessary.

Finally, working with a digital marketing professional can help you get started on the right track.

They will have all of the tools and resources to help you navigate these changes and the complications that they impose. When searching for someone to work with, be sure that they have a strong reputation and have worked with businesses like yours in the past.

This is the only way to gauge the results that you will get.

Advertising Online Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Businesses need to be aware of these changes and adapt their strategies accordingly. The landscape of online advertising is constantly changing, and those who are able to keep up with the latest trends will be the most successful.

Be sure that you keep the above information in mind when advertising online for your business so you can make the decision that is best for you.

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