Digital Strategies and Mobile Applications

The mobile applications market has been one of the biggest phenomena in the digital world. Millions of apps are available to users, literally at your fingertips, but only a few really win our hearts. A useful or engaging mobile application is a great way to increase awareness and add to any company’s digital strategies. This week we highlight some digital strategies with mobile applications that reflect the efforts that these platforms must make to make a difference in a world where there is an app for everything that we can imagine.

Tinder // Emojis for interracial couples

Emojis play a fundamental role in the way we communicate in the digital world. And there are emojis for everything! Through this campaign, Tinder, the famous application to find a partner, heads a petition to create emojis that represent interracial couples. See why Emojis are one of the digital strategies with mobile applications highlighted this week.

Mobile Apps for Taxes, Taxes, Taxes! A Mileage & Expense Tracker!

No emojis here, but definitely some application technology that will win your heart and save you money. If you are a business owner or a traveling employee for your company, there are some excellent applications that will help you track your mileage and present you with a report you can use to submit for reimbursement or tax deductions. Stride Health company has developed an app and it sure has helped give them a good name.  These apps will win your heart come tax time and might even help your wallet grow a bit. Check out DriversNote app or Stride Health app!

Real Madrid // App for 360 ° and VR content

Real Madrid is one of the most important football teams in the world scene. On this occasion it presents, through the hand of its partner Movistar, an application that allows its fans to enjoy exclusive content in the privacy of the team, training, in the locker room, press conferences, among other scenarios. The application includes video content in 360 ° and virtual reality, and is available for Android devices , Apple and Samsung Smart TVs.

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