5 Web Development Consulting Tips for 2022

5 Web Development Consulting Tips for 2022

The latest web design and development trends in 2022 are the key to success. Learn what they are and how to get web development consulting here.

If trends continue, there will soon be more websites on this planet than people! At the last count, there were almost two billion websites worldwide. And ambitious new entrepreneurs are sending those numbers skyrocketing.

As exciting as these numbers sound, they also pose a challenge to business owners.

How do you do something different and stand out from the crowd? How do you get customers to bookmark your website when there are thousands of others?

Keeping a close on web trends is one way you can do that.

And using professional web development consulting to help you apply those trends to your business is another. Here’s what you need to know about the top website consulting tips in 2022.

1. Mobile-Friendly Becomes Mobile Beautiful

Mobile-friendly web development used to be the buzzword in web development and SEO. The thinking behind this was that you built your website for desktop and then tweaked it, so it still worked without issue on a small mobile screen.

Mobile technology has advanced so significantly that the number of mobile users as a percentage of all web traffic has increased. Mobile is no longer an emergency option to view a website on your phone; it’s a daily leisure activity.

So what does this mean in terms of web development trends? It means you must develop something more innovative, intuitive, and user-friendly for mobile. It should be a feature, not an after-thought.

That means having more images and video, large font, and a beautiful web design. It also means implementing apps and tools such as Google maps and chatbots to get a fully interactive experiment.

It also means having sophisticated payment integration. That way, mobile users can rely on one-touch technology like Apple Pay for a fast and efficient checkout procedure on an eCommerce website.

2. Personalization

Personalization has always sat at the cutting-edge end of website development. That’s because advanced personalization can directly impact a company’s ability to generate more revenue.

Encountering content and products you like when visiting a website will encourage you to stick around and tempt you to buy.

Personalization is still a big trend as technology companies create tools and apps for website owners.

So if you are considering web development consulting, think about what type of personalization you could incorporate onto your website. Some ideas might include:

  • Personalized headlines and welcome messages
  • Personalized video presentations on the homepage
  • Featured content or recommended posts
  • Featured products or product discount offers
  • Personalized lead magnets to get people on your email list

Personalization is a fun, exciting, and valuable area to explore as a website owner. So read up on ways to provide a richer experience to your website visitors and see what potential it can offer your company.

3. Chatbots

You’ve probably noticed a surge in chatbots when visiting commercial websites. They’ll usually appear in the bottom right of the page, asking if you need any assistance.

Chatbots are more than a customer service tool. They can help visitors with questions and navigation, but they have another valuable use as a business: web advertising.

Modern chatbot technology can help move customers through a series of exchanges designed to get them interested in the business through their sales funnel journey.

You can design these exchanges as a sequence of micro-commitments for the user to encounter, slowly bringing them forward to the offer you want to present.

Chatbot technology will continue to advance and become more human-like in the next few years, so it’s a trend you’ll want to monitor.

Chatbots are also a great way of providing a more personalized experience to visitors when they first land on your website. Customers enjoy having the one-to-one assistance that helps them get the most out of a website.

4. Data and Privacy

Data is going through a tricky series of growing pains at the moment. For years, companies have harvested user data and used that information for sales and marketing purposes.

Governments globally are starting to limit this through laws. They’ve designed these regulations to ensure businesses seek explicit permission from visitors when they land on your website (the EU’s GDPR is the perfect example).

That means you need to have a more upfront interaction with your customers if you want to continue using advanced analytics. There’s lots of good technology you can add to websites now to help you seek permission.

Still, it’s also worth hiring a copywriter who can turn this rather mundane but necessary process into a friendlier and more engaging interaction with your site visitors.

You’ll also want to ensure that you use that information effectively in your business if you capture data.

In other words, if you want someone’s permission to log their location, ensure you capitalize on that by providing geo-relevant content to that visitor. People are more likely to hand over personal data when they feel they are getting a benefit.

5. App-Style Design

You may have noticed a trend for newer websites to interact with you like an app.

Apps have had a lot of success in recent years by employing a step-by-step welcome sequence to visitors to help lead a customer through a sales funnel.

Now some companies are trying this exact model on their website to help turn site visitors into a customer. For some websites, this model will be basic.

It might be as simple as gathering the visitor’s email address before browsing the rest of the site.

For others, this could be a more sophisticated model, where the customer completes a form or questionnaire to help introduce them to the service or product.

Subscription businesses like the styling website Lookiero are an excellent example of this.

Five Website Development Consulting Tips

If you want to get ahead with your website in 2022, use these tips as your starting point.

Don’t stand still in this competitive and rapidly changing world. Get ahead of your competition today by applying creativity and technological innovation to your website.

You can start your journey today by getting in touch with our team. Book a free chat with our specialists, and we can give you our recommendations for your business.

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