5-Step Email Marketing Strategy to Boost Sales

How to Use Email Marketing to Boost Sales

Let’s face it – most digital marketers simply overlook the power of email marketing. They prefer to focus instead on other digital marketing strategies, which seem much more exciting, like social media, SEO or video marketing.

But what about email marketing? It’s here since the early days of the internet, back in the mid-1990s, when video marketing was unheard of. And email marketing still is an amazingly powerful way to increase conversions and attract more customers for your business. But people tend to avoid email marketing because they simply think it won’t work in their industry or for their product. However, every experienced digital marketer will tell you that email marketing works across a huge variety of industries. You just have to learn how to implement it.

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Email marketing is best described as the perfect link to both current and future customers. You can use emails to connect with your existing customers, but also to attract new ones.

Email marketing is also incredibly cost-effective. A recent study done by VB Insights has shown that you can expect to earn almost $38 for every $1 spent, which is, quite literally, an impressive ROI.

Let’s take a look at why email marketing can be the best strategy to boost sales and get new customers for your business:

Email Marketing Strategy-Transaction Emails

1.Transaction Emails

These are the emails you receive after making a purchase or paying for a subscription. They are essentially thank you emails, order confirmations or notice emails. These emails almost always have a high open rate because customers want to read them (after all, they already made a purchase). Because people tend to always open these emails, you should try to attract them into making further purchases. You can do this by:

– featuring related items that your customer may find interesting; offer a discount on these products or services

– listing items that your customer will need together with the item that they purchased (for instance, accessories, tools or a special warranty)

– including a list of special discounts and offers for future purchases on various items or services

Any of these strategies can work very well because people tend to act on impulse when making additional purchases. Simply put, there are a lot of people who won’t think twice before buying a new, related product which they feel they might need. Sales slogans like “buy now and save 30%” or “limited offer only today” can really boost your sales in no time.

Email Marketing Strategy-Introductory Emails

2.Introductory or Welcome Emails

Almost all big brands and large companies send out this type of emails to their customers. They are the emails you are most likely to receive when you subscribe to their list, sign up to their website or join a group. Usually, the company will offer you a future discount on your next purchase or ask you to visit their stores.

Typically, the offer is visible in the email’s title, which is why these emails have a very high open rate. On the other hand, the click-through rate is only moderately good, because most people are not in a buying mood (they didn’t already make a purchase). Obviously, you can use these emails to ask them to join separate lists, or make a different purchase or subscription. The possibilities are truly endless.

For instance, let’s say you just moved into a new home and you just realized you don’t like the kitchen cabinets, and you need new ones. You obviously go online and look for furniture stores which have several types of kitchen cabinets available. You do your research, you selected a few cabinets you like, but you don’t feel like making the decision right now. This is where the vendor will try to lure you by sending you an email to showcase their products. You will most likely get a voucher or a coupon to convince you to make the final purchase. Here, the email worked spectacularly: it reminded you that you must select a cabinet to buy, it offered a special discount and helped you choose the right item.

Email Marketing Strategy-Abandoned Carts

3.Cart Abandonment Emails

There are a lot of customers who browse an online store’s website, add items to the shopping cart and then… nothing. They abandon ship and forget all about their desired items. This is where cart abandonment emails come into action. They help distracted or unsure clients make the purchase and they work spectacularly.

Sending a cart abandonment email makes your customer remember about their items, makes them reconsider their options and helps them make the right choice. It’s an elegant way to nudge people to move forward and make the purchase. And this means extra sales for your company.

Email Marketing Strategy-Follow-Up Emails

4.Follow-up Emails and Re-order Emails

Repeat customers are your best customers – any sales person will tell you that. Emailing past customers is one of the surefire ways to get new leads and increase sales. These are the customers who are familiar with your brand, your products or your services. And usually, they will be delighted to buy more from you.

These emails work great for products that require frequent purchases: pet food, beauty products, dietary supplements, memberships and so on. You just have to personalize your email and include items that your customer may be interested in, based on their past purchases. These types of emails are also very effective for professionals, like dentists, attorneys or hair stylists.

Email Marketing Strategy-Limited Time offers

5.Limited Offer Emails

These emails are based on the scarcity effect – you create a sense of scarcity for your product or service. If people don’t immediately make the purchase, there will be no deal whatsoever. They work because people hate to lose something – even if they don’t necessarily want it. These emails heighten the sense of urgency in us, makes us take rash decisions and take action quickly. And this means a lot more sales for your company.

While limited offer emails do work, don’t try to overuse them, as some people may become desensitized to them in the long run.

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