5 Reasons You Need Social Media Marketing Consulting

5 Reasons You Need Social Media Marketing Consulting

A social media marketing consultant is specifically trained to boost your business. Learn why you need social media marketing consulting here.

If you want to know where to invest your marketing budget, look at what the professionals of the world are currently doing with their money. Over 70% of marketers will spend more on social media this year.

It’s easy to see why social media remains popular. It’s fun, addictive, and it’s constantly changing. The big platforms stay on top of technology to continually introduce new fun features to keep users entertained.

But before you try your hand at social media marketing, you might find it better to get the support of a professional. Here are five reasons you need social media marketing consulting for your business.

1. More Customer Leads

Social media marketing must have an end goal for any savvy business wanting to get ahead of its competition.

And that end goal must be increased sales or business leads. Without it, you’re spending time and money on social media content but not seeing the financial benefit to your business.

That’s where a social media consultant can add value. They will look at turning those passive social media followers into active, highly-engaged business leads. These people are likely to buy from you in the future.

They’ll do this by mapping out your sales funnel. That is the marketing route customers explore from when they first discover you to when they click that buy button.

A social consultant will look at how you can use your content and links on social media to engage with your audience. They’ll map out specific promotional ideas to help move followers along your sales funnel to generate new leads.

2. A Memorable Brand

An excellent presence on social media is an opportunity to develop great brand recognition.

Social media marketing services will help you craft a strategy that helps strengthen your brand. That might include developing a look for your content and a style guide so that your posts have distinctive fonts, layouts, and colors.

Consistency with your social media efforts is another way to support your brand. That’s not just about how frequently you post content but developing a unique personality to your content.

For example, the airline Ryanair is known for posting humorous posts on Twitter. They even have articles written about them.

So a consultant will help you develop a voice for your social media that perfectly aligns with your brand and your business. They’ll help you find a style that resonates with your audience and doesn’t inadvertently damage your brand.

Not all organizations, for example, can get away with heavy doses of humorous content in their social media feeds. A highly conservative customer base might prefer a more serious tone on social media.

3. Time Management

As a business owner, you only have so many hours in the day. You have customers and clients to talk to, products to invent, strategic discussions with your top team, and a thousand other urgent tasks!

Can you manage your social media content on top of that and keep it consistent each day? Will you have the time to respond to comments, monitor your feed, and schedule new content?

A social media consultant is there to take the everyday responsibilities of social media off your hands and create an organized and managed strategy for it instead.

For example, they’ll help you write a social media calendar to have a vast collection of content ready and scheduled. That way, you won’t have to try to find something new for your feed every morning.

That will offer you important piece of mind that you’ve got this vital sales and marketing activity happening in the background. It will tick along even when you’re busy handling other urgent tasks in your business.

4. Industry Trends

Social media evolves rapidly. Only a few years ago, videos were a rarity on social media. Now, every teen and young adult is on TikTok or Instagram Reels.

When Facebook started, it was a place to contact old school friends with whom you’d lost touch. Nowadays, you’re more likely to scroll past Facebook pages, groups, brands (and the occasional new baby announcement).

When dealing with a marketing strategy that changes fast, how do you stay one step ahead of the curve (and the competition?).

The answer is to use a consultant who deals with social media daily. They will be up to date with all the industry trends. They’ll know what strategies work and which ones will leave your brand looking dated and out of touch.

They’ll learn about new features that social media companies release and how to use those effectively and be “first out the gate.”

And they’ll know about all the hot new social media platforms on the market (the ones the teenagers typically jump onto when a more established platform becomes too passé).

5. Data and Tools

Having an instinct for social media is essential, but it’s not everything, especially in the era of technology. All social media platforms are a rich source of data.

But to use that data to improve your marketing, you’ll need to know how to gather and interpret it correctly. You’ll need to know your click-through rate from your impressions or between video views and conversion rates.

There are two ways a consultant will add value. First, they’ll understand what data to gather and monitor to fine-tune your social media strategy.

Secondly, they’ll know the right tools for your social media platforms to help optimize your marketing efforts.

Those tools might include social media schedulers (to pre-schedule your content feed) and analytic platforms to help you monitor granular information about how your followers interact with you on your social media accounts.

Is Social Media Marketing Consulting Right for You?

Don’t fall behind with your social media efforts. If you choose the perfect marketing approach, social media platforms tremendously impact your business.

That’s why social media marketing consulting makes so much sense if you want to get the best returns from your investment.

You can take the first step to make that happen by getting in touch with our team for a free 15-minute consult. Let us know your marketing goals, and we’ll give you our professional advice.

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