2017 Digital Marketing Trends

With digital marketing completely dominating 2016, it is obvious that 2017 will follow with even bigger digital trends in the business world.

With the increasing usage of smartphones, spreading your business message through mobile “screens” is the most effective way of advertising today.

As well as the most cost effective!

If you are looking to expand your business marketing reach in the coming year, here are some of the most popular trends of digital marketing that we will be hearing about in 2017.

Video ads are the way to go

These days you will find people stuck to their mobile phones watching videos instead of watching television.

This is because users want to watch something of their choice instead of being fed by TV’s programming. 

Think YouTube or Pluto TV vs your regularly scheduled programming on cable or over the air TV. 

Video ads have become increasing popular on social media platforms (Facebook & Twitter), and to compete they have to be optimized with catchy titles and content in the description to actually get the user to click on it.

Think “Titles”! 

Most people today like watching videos which have humorous content in them.

On social media, you would see that videos that are shared the most have very strong humor associated with them. In this day and age, you cannot just rely on a celebrity telling you to people to buy something to get them to try it.

Videos are the way to go but you need to be smart about how the content is presented and to who!

Search Algorithms will change

The internet is ever increasing and with such an enormous overload of information, there has to be updates in the way results on the Search Engine result pages (SERPs) show up for your consumers.

Many marketers get annoyed by this fact because they have to always start devising new SEO strategies to keep up with the constant algorithm changes in the search engine methods, but that is the fun for the SEO propellerheads at SM Digital!

In the newer trends of search engine algorithms, there is an expectancy to see no search results for websites that cannot cater to smartphones, so you need to make sure that your website and content is friendly for all platforms.

If your business needs to get with the times in 2017 with a new responsive website; Call us at 561.404.987

Along with Google, you might also want to take a look at Facebook and Bing’s updates to stay up to date with their content searching techniques.

You must offer value

Along with search engine optimization, it is quite obvious that digital marketing also depends on user experience, more than anything. And that is where content comes in.

These days it is very difficult to keep users hooked on content, one swipe of the finger and the user switches to search for something different than what they were viewing before.

Short attention span means a need for content that keeps the person engaged. For more information on how SM Digital can help with your digital marketing in 2017, please call 561.404.9787.

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