Doubled business in 3 years

Imusa originated in Colombia and provides good traditional quality cookware and appliances in North & South America.

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Working with Imusa has been one of the most rewarding experiences we’ve had at SM Digital Partners. Since 2012, we’ve been hand in hand working on projecting the brand as a practical and efficient solution for household supplies. Its tradition and user bond has allowed us to create a totally different SEO content and Social Media Strategy that generates success and results.
With IMUSA we wanted to achieve more website traffic and increase e-retailers purchase intention as well as create social media presence and communication within the complex category.


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E-retailers Traffic


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Cost Per Site Session

E-retailers Traffic

Business Challenge

Marketing Process

After quite an intense series of brainstorming sessions, we came to the conclusion that by taking on 3 different action plans, we had to maintain one simple key at the top of mind and that was to personify the brand. See how it all took on a life of itself!


We developed different campaigns for social media and SEO to increase product/brand reach and recognition by showcasing the functionality, characteristics, and innovation of Imusa’s products. Research and comparative analysis allowed us to identify opportunities for search engine positioning. Constant optimization through data analysis also let us improve the process and innovate using different formats, content and ways to relate to the consumer.

IMUSA IG Profile

Action plan

Case highlights


We integrated a robust media mix on social media, Google Ads, Programmatic, and others.


In all our communications, the stamp of Imusa was always present as we projected content according to the needs of the target audience and maintaining the brand as a helping hand when it comes to household supplies and the go-to for Colombian gastronomy recipes. We improved their online presence within all the social media platforms by captivating the right audiences with personified branded content for each and every user. We also placed Imusa’s ads on key web pages and targeted them to match specific search terms entered on search engines.

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