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Eyevana is one of the top 3 national medical supply companies based in Florida dedicated to providing top of the line contact lenses.

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Eyevana had historically viewed the SEM Spend as a global, and while most sub-products within the same category had very different returns, the ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) was not associated to each one, but to the mix for that general product type. The goal was to be able to clearly identify the ROAS per sub-product in order to be able to manage the budget allocation in response to the individual contributions and ultimately increase the global ROAS.


Qualified Prospect Activity


3 percentage point increase in global ROAS resulting in additional revenue

Qualified Prospect Activity

increase in global ROAS resulting in additional revenue

Business challenge

Assess the current sub-product offerings and the profit and loss on a cost basis to identify existing gaps and overspending by creating and organizing bidding strategies and implementing sales cycle reporting for increased profitability.

Marketing Process

A redesigned landing page ecosystem, updated SEM Assets and enhanced Reporting Tools: A generic landing page was kept for prospective patients looking for the generic product, but individual landing pages were built for each one of the subproducts within the category. This translated in a similar fashion to a rebuild of the SEM campaign structure to tie each landing page to a specific campaign, adgroup and set of ads and keywords. Lastly, the reporting tools were re-coded to support individual reporting per product type and a method for our client to report back to us the actual per product sales was implemented to guarantee the highest possible accuracy, since the transactions that are initiated online are ultimately finalized in an offline environment which previously didn’t have the ability to “talk back” to our reporting system for accurate tracking and reporting.

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Specific tracking had to be implemented not only on the SEM front for each Campaign and Ad-group, but also on the landing pages and, more importantly, tied to the actual sub-product purchased, processed, fulfilled and shipped by the client’s call center and logistics warehouse. The Strategy consisted in a coordinated effort to tie all touch points that made part of the actual purchase, beginning on the SEM campaign and ending in a customized reporting solution that would ultimately reflect the ROAS per product. Exactly what our client wanted.

Case highlights

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