Account Executive
specialized online portals in the Medical and Educational Advertising Markets,


Creative and entrepreneurial-minded person, with a strong sales spirit and results-oriented focus passionate about digital marketing and creative ways to commercialize products and services using technology. Ideal candidate will have a strong business network, sales experience in the digital space, comfortable working in a fast-paced environment, be focused on sales goals and profitability, and proficient in both English and Spanish.

Position objectives:

As the person responsible for our “Directory businesses” which include specialized online portals in the Medical and Educational Advertising Markets, your primary goal is identify, develop and retain strategic clients that help us achieve our business and profitability goals.
Functions / specific responsibilities:

  1. Generate New Clients
    • Research / identify a Prospect list
    • Respond to national and local advertising efforts which result in hot leads
    • Get contacts, networking, and develop a personal communication strategy in order to set-up phone appointments.
    • Participate in Sales/Pitch conference calls with Senior Management
    • Visit/Call prospects to present the company and introduce services
    • Lead creativity committees and develop proposals
    • Develop quotes and customized business solutions
    • Coordinate with the Art Director the graphical design of proposals.
    • Present proposal to clients
    • Follow up on proposals
    • Close Deals
  2. Ensure the flawless execution of Services
    • Coordinate the development, time lines, check points and deliverables with the Media assistant and Project Manager(s) and any other provider in the execution of the Client project.
  3. Reporting, analysis and improvements
    • Reporting analysis for Clients
    • Develop improvement strategies
    • Identify different ways to increase sales and/or marketing objectives



  • Must have a four-year college degree in business administration, Sales and Marketing, Digital Communications, or any other career with a strong Advertising or Marketing background.

Requirements / Knowledge

  • Sales skills
  • Passionate about Digital Marketing
  • Fluent in English and Spanish
  • Excellent internet and Social Media expertise
  • Comfortable pitching new ideas and taking risks
  • MS Office tool proficiency (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • CRM management (as a user)
  • Good personal presentation and communication skills
  • Familiar with design and technology vocabulary.


  • 4 years in sales and marketing and/or advertising
    Experience developing, selling and implementing digital marketing strategies.

Company Competencies

  1. Proactive
  2. Integrity
  3. Passionate
  4. Innovative and creative
  5. Young spirit
  6. Seeking a Career…not a Job

Job-specific competencies

  • Results-oriented
  • Strong sales and presentation skills
  • Networking and public relations experience
  • Organized
  • Honest and Ethical
  • Analytical
  • Self-directed
  • Ambitious

NOTE: The Account Manager is the main person responsible for the client relationship and all the current and future strategies being considered.