Pre-Campaign Budgeting (Video)

In this video, the focus is on understanding how Google operates in the background to provide search results and the factors that influence ad rankings. The video emphasizes the importance of competition among advertisers and the bidding process. Google’s automation and business intelligence play a role in determining the right bid price for advertisers, but smaller businesses may face challenges due to limited data. The video highlights the need for marketers to invest time and effort in optimizing their bids for maximum value. Quality is another crucial factor in ad rankings, with click-through rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience playing significant roles. The video also discusses the relevance of keywords, longer phrases being cheaper but less frequently searched, and the impact of quality on ad costs. Factors such as bounce rate and page speed contribute to landing page experience, and marketers are advised to align their search and website content for better performance. 

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7 min

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