Optimizing Ad Copy (Video)

In this section, the focus is on optimizing ad copy in Google Ads. In this video we will explain that although Google tends to prioritize ads with higher click-through rates (CTR), it may not align with the advertiser’s main goal, which is generating conversions. We’ll present two ad examples, where the ad with a higher CTR has resulted in zero conversions, while the ad with a slightly lower CTR has generated four conversions. We’ll emphasize the importance of learning from the ad that drives valuable actions for the business and suggests pausing the underperforming ad. They recommend creating a new variant of the successful ad, incorporating the effective language in a slightly different way, and conducting a month-long test to compare the performance of the two ads. The goal is to achieve both a high click-through rate and a high conversion rate. The instructor advises revisiting and optimizing ads regularly, ideally on a monthly basis, by removing poor performers and testing new ad copy. They highlight that although Google’s automation helps optimize ads, there is always an opportunity for advertisers to create ads that perform better according to their specific conversion goals.

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