7 Benefits of Using Geofencing Marketing

Lead generation is the process of identifying prospective customers who show interest in your products and services. Since leads go through a broad lifecycle from visitor to customer, effective lead generation requires a wide range of strategies for it to be effective.



1. Precise Targeting

Geofencing makes it easier for brands to reach nearby customers at the right place and time. 

As you create your geofencing ad campaign, you’ll create a virtual boundary around a specific area. When someone steps into that boundary, they’ll receive a message from your brand. If you’re targeting consumers near your store, they’ll receive messages once they’re near your business.

You can use geofencing to reach consumers on their mobile devices while they’re out and about. Your products and services will appear in front of them while they’re in the mood to shop.

You can even target consumers when they leave a location. They’ll continue seeing your ads after they leave, allowing you to linger in their minds.

When they consider buying your product or service in the future, they’ll recall seeing your brand. 

With traditional ad campaigns, you can’t always appear in front of your ideal customers. You can’t specify when they’ll see your print ads, either. With geofencing, you can use this precise targeting to generate more leads and sales.

2. Improved Engagement

You can generate more engagement through a geofencing ad campaign than you would with traditional ads. 

Sending offers to the customer’s phone can encourage them to engage with your business. They’ll see offers that are relevant to their needs and interests. Tailoring your offers to each customer (and sending them at the right time) can increase the odds of engagement.

As people begin engaging with your brand, they’ll have an easier time remembering your business. 

3. Personalize Experiences

About 74% of consumers get annoyed when offers, ads, and promotions have nothing to do with their interests. Another 63% expect personalization as a standard of service. Meanwhile, 50% would pay more for products and services if brands provide personally relevant content.

One of the top geofencing benefits you’ll experience with your campaigns is the ability to personalize offers.

To personalize your ads, make sure to gather extensive keyword research. Consider grouping consumers into smaller buyer personas by:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Buying behaviors
  • Online behaviors
  • Pain points
  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • Education
  • Career
  • Salary

Creating buyer personas will allow you to create personalized ads for each consumer group. Personalized ads resonate with customers based on their needs, interests, and pain points. You can appeal to consumers on an emotional level to win their business. 

Print ads, on the other hand, tend to use broader messages.

Geofencing benefits businesses that want to connect with customers. You can even use your campaigns to learn more about your audience. As you collect consumer data, you can better adjust your ads to generate stronger results. 

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Improving your SEO can help you generate more leads, have more relevant content, and zero-in on your target market. Most importantly, it can help you gain a “leg up” on the competition.

4. Generate Brand Awareness

A geofencing ad campaign can help you generate brand awareness.

If consumers don’t realize your business exists, they’ll never stop by your store or shop your offerings. You can send consumers ads as they approach your store to let them know you’re there. Realizing you’re nearby might encourage them to give your store a try. 

It takes multiple impressions for a brand to generate awareness. Each time the consumer sees your ads, awareness will grow. Over time, they’ll begin recognizing your ad among others.

You can start lingering in the consumer’s mind as a familiar brand. 

Consumers feel more comfortable with brands they already know and recognize. Familiarity will help consumers feel more confident about your brand. In time, brand trust will grow.

Once consumers trust your brand, they’ll feel more comfortable buying your products and services. 

In fact, 46% of consumers tend to buy from familiar brands. The more they appreciate, believe in, and appreciate you, the more they’ll buy! You can leverage brand awareness to generate more sales

5. Remain Competitive

You can even put a geofence virtual boundary around a competitor’s business. When a consumer walks into the boundary, they’ll receive ads about your brand. Seeing your deals might encourage them to shop from your business instead. 

If your competitors aren’t using geofence marketing yet, this is your chance to gain a competitive advantage.

You can gain brand awareness and linger in the customer’s mind. Eventually, they’ll associate your offerings with your brand instead of a competitor.

6. Collect Data

Remember, you can gather data from your geofencing campaigns to learn more about your customers. The data you gather will help you improve your ad campaigns over time. Optimizing your campaigns will ensure you improve your ROI.

Without data, you might make assumptions about your customers. Your ads might not resonate with their needs. 

You can even generate analytics in real-time to make immediate changes. If your ads aren’t working, you can make adjustments before you waste time or money. 

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7. Generate Results

About 80% of all local searches convert. Attracting nearby customers to your business can help you generate more sales. You can gain more foot traffic and brand awareness with a cost-effective marketing strategy. 

If you want to connect with customers and generate more sales this year, you need a geofencing ad campaign. You don’t have to get started alone, though. Instead, consider working with a digital advertising agency this year.

With help, you can create a campaign that’s bound to generate results. 

Use Geofencing Marketing to Boost Your Business

If your traditional ads aren’t generating results, invest in geofencing marketing this year. With a strong ad campaign, you can generate brand awareness, foot traffic, and sales. Consider using geofencing to grow your business today!

Remember, you don’t have to create your ad campaign alone. We can help.

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