8 Tips That Will Improve Your Local SEO Presence – 2017 Update

8 Tips That Will Improve Your Local SEO Presence – 2017 Update

Local SEO

SM Digital Partners is a leading Local SEO services provider for the real estate, education, and medical industries along with the hospitality industry in South Florida.

So why is Local SEO important for you business?

Local SEO is important as it lays down the foundation for your business website and directory listings to appear and rank locally and organically on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

The way an end user or a customer finds your business is important – The Path – they take and the different channels and devices (smartphones, desktop, tablets) they use to find your business information is important.

When establishing a Local SEO campaign it is important to cover your bases with the following 8 tips to improve your online presence locally.  Continue reading

What is a Digital Marketing Agency? It’s more than you think…

What is a Digital Marketing Agency? It’s more than you think…


What is a Digital Marketing Agency & What Do We Do….

A digital marketing agency is a business that delivers services for the creative and technical development for companies looking to maximize their digital exposure online in 2017.

So really…. 

To answer these tough questions we must first provide the services that SMDigital Partners offers:

So you are probably asking…..
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2017 Digital Marketing Trends

2017 Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Agency

With digital marketing completely dominating 2016, it is obvious that 2017 will follow with even bigger digital trends in the business world.

With the increasing usage of smartphones, spreading your business message through mobile “screens” is the most effective way of advertising today.

As well as the most cost effective!

If you are looking to expand your business marketing reach in the coming year, here are some of the most popular trends of digital marketing that we will be hearing about in 2017. Continue reading

The Holy Grail of Search Marketing

The Holy Grail of Search Marketing


Our business needs to get on the 1st page of Google!

You thought the mantra of, “If we build it, they will come” would ring true when your small business or Fortune 500 company launched your new website.

Days go by, months go by and you notice it’s a real challenge to get the right online traffic aka “eyeballs” to your website.

So you think…..

What are all the different digital marketing solutions that a business can generate to drive more search marketing traffic? Continue reading

3 Key Responsive Website Design Practices

Digital Agency SMDigital Web Design

There is little doubt in pointing out that responsive website design is by far, one of the most important elements of a business marketing strategy for online marketing in 2016 and beyond!

In a time when more and more customers are using the internet from their mobile phones, a company’s website is the first thing customers search to get a first impression about the brand and the product or service they are offering.

If the website is poorly designed and is not engaging enough, it can lead to a negative first impression on customers and cause them to easily switch to rival brands.

For this reason, we share the top responsive web design practices you need to be aware of for creating a unique website design experience for your customers.

Responsive Web Design Best Practices


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Why Email Marketing is Effective for B2B Companies?

Digital Agency SMDigital

Given the rate which firms have access to new digital marketing methods, e-mail marketing may appear outdated.

We all loved e-mail when we were first introduced to this digital mail of the internet, and, its importance has since been dwarfed by that of other methods such as SEO, SEM (pay-per click advertising), local SEO, social media marketing, and other digital marketing tactics.

Today, social media marketing and mobile marketing are dominating the digital marketing platform, and B2B companies are giving much emphasis on these digital channels for building long-term relationships with their clients.

So where does this leave E-mail marketing?

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SEO – Do I need it for my Small Business

SEO – Do I need it for my Small Business

Digital Agency Local SEO SEO SMDigital Web Design

Many small business owners think that SEO does not work and will not help in the success of their small business,  therefore they make the critical mistake of not investing in SEO marketing or local SEO either at the beginning of a re-design or with their current website.

Well, what they do not realize is that, depending on the stage that their business is in, they could have organic traffic coming in or their visibility could be very low, with hardly anyone aware of it outside their  immediate circles visiting.

SEO is by far one the most cost-effective way to bring in traffic to your business and increase conversions but it is also the most time consuming that is based on the number of hours an SEO professional has to work on the onsite and offsite SEO for the website.  Continue reading

What Does a Digital Agency Do For Your Business?

What Does a Digital Agency Do For Your Business?

Digital Agency Local SEO SEM SMDigital Web Design

Business owners, both veterans and those who are just starting out, are often faced with the online marketing question of whether they should go hire a digital agency, or make the relevant efforts in-house by hiring an employee.

To be able to answer that, one needs to truly understand exactly what a digital agency can bring to the table. The benefits are indeed quite a few, and here at SM Digital Partners, we are going to dive into exactly what our digital agency offers and what makes us different than most international digital agencies. Continue reading

Maybe it’s Time to Digitally Advertise on the Web in 2017

Maybe it’s Time to Digitally Advertise on the Web in 2017


Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing (Updated 2017)

If you are a business owner or a manager of a business in South Florida, you are going to spend money on acquiring customers through the various different channels of marketing, advertising, and promotion available to you for your budget.

Sometimes it can be difficult to work out which marketing ideas are going to produce the best return on investment (ROI), and so you end up trying less than fruitful methods like newspaper ads or run a month of TV commercial ads.

These days, the way of doing business has been shattered through the use of online and digital marketing.

Consumers can now inform themselves about your product and service simply by visiting Google and searching for your business name, address, and phone number.

What are people saying about your business online?

Today, we’re going to focus on digital marketing and the solutions that are available online.

By understanding how advertising in the online world is much more favorable than anything else in terms of budget allocation, reach, market segmentation, and customer reporting.

The web allows your business to compete not only locally but regionally, nationwide, and globally – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; even while you are sleeping!

Don’t worry if you’re a bit of a technophobe, as you just have to find a good digital marketing agency to do all the hard work for you online.

So here are a few traditional marketing solutions and why they’re dying out. Continue reading